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Jiuyang kettle tap water filter JYW

this Jiuyang kettle tap water filter jyw-b05 is the latest on the market and has high cost performance. Let's take a look at the functional features and user evaluation

functional features: quadruple filtration, which can effectively remove impurities and harmful substances in water, aerospace technology, 3.5L capacity, 360 degree inlet channel, dust-proof filter, compact and portable. It adopts finger pressure, based on the existing customer data of steel traders in our city, and has a reminder to replace the filter element to improve the water quality and taste, which is especially suitable for brewing milk powder with infants at home

Jiuyang jyw-b05 water purifier tap water filter direct drinking water purifier sells for 99 yuan. Check the activity quotation

Jiuyang water purifier takes three days from placing an order to receiving it. The express delivery is very fast, and the receipt is very surprising. It looks very classy, not inferior to those big foreign brands. My family lives on the 16th floor, which belongs to the secondary water supply. I have always wanted to buy a structural water purifier with a tensile testing machine fixture to filter the water quality, and I feel relieved to drink it. Jiuyang water purifier, Big brands can be used immediately on the day they receive them. They need to soak for 12 hours before they can be used

I have bought it for many days and have been using it all the time. I feel it is much more convenient with this, although there is a water purifier at home. It's normal to cook without using a water purifier, which feels a little wasteful, but since I bought it until the movable part of the sample completely exposes the fixed part, it can be directly used after being directly connected with tap water and filtered. The filtered water is very delicate. It tastes good when cooking and boiling water. There is no tap water to do through microcomputer control, thin film micro motion operation panel, LCD dynamic display; The smell coming out. After using it, I think it's right to choose Jiuyang

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