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JLG announced to extend the 8-year replacement time of some parts to 12 years

JLG announced to extend the 8-year replacement time of some parts to 12 years

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on December 7, 2016, the value measured in Shanghai was inaccurate - recently, the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom fork loading JLG (jieerjie) officially announced, The replacement time of steel wire ropes and pulleys within the warranty scope will be extended from the original 8 years to 12 years/7000 hours (whichever comes first). This measure will significantly save maintenance costs for customers and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of customers

nowadays, under the call of vigorously building the the Belt and Road, developing regional economic strategies, and improving urbanization construction in China, the application field of aerial work platforms has also been expanded. More and more domestic construction machinery manufacturers are constantly involved in the field of aerial work platform manufacturing. It is obvious that the competition in the aerial work platform industry will be more intense in the future. As a pioneer in the aerial work industry, JLG is committed to designing and manufacturing equipment with better efficiency and longer service life. At the same time, it also actively popularizes the concept of "total cost of ownership" of aerial work platforms, and helps customers maintain a competitive advantage in the market by reducing the total cost from purchase to resale in the equipment holding cycle

jlg's plan to extend the replacement time this time extends the original 8-year replacement period of wire ropes and pulleys to 12 years/7000 hours (whichever comes first). This move further reflects JLG's service tenet of "customer first". The new replacement policy applies not only to new machines, but also to sold old equipment. As we all know, the replacement cost of steel wire rope of aerial work platform is one of the most expensive costs in the maintenance of the whole machine, and the replacement cost is as high as thousands of dollars. In addition, during the replacement of steel wire rope, the indirect economic losses caused by the failure of the equipment to operate normally will also increase the total cost caused by the replacement of steel wire rope. JLG extended the replacement period of wire ropes and pulleys to 12 years/7000 hours to ensure that the equipment can serve customers more permanently, effectively reduce maintenance costs, and help leasing companies increase rental income. More importantly, extending the replacement time can increase the resale value of the equipment, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership of customers. In order to benefit more customers, this warranty plan will be applicable to the following models of JLG straight arm aerial work platforms worldwide: 600s, 600sj, 600sc, 600sjc, 601s, 660sj, 660sjc, 680s, 800s, 810sj, 860sj, 1100s, 1100sjp, 1200sjp, 1 fatigue testing machine is used to measure the tension of metals, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) at room temperature Fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, prefabricated cracks and crack propagation experiments of contraction or tension compression alternating load 350sjp, 1500sj and 1850sj. Including the new products 1030s and 1100sj recently launched at Bauma China

wu Xiaolu, marketing director of JLG Asia, said, "the extension of the replacement time of wire ropes and pulleys once again reflects that JLG has always put the interests of customers first. After repeated testing, calculation and evaluation, we are confident that the extended warranty plan launched this time has sufficient scientific basis and operability, and can effectively help customers reduce maintenance costs, thereby improving overall operating income."

comprehensively measure input and income from the perspective of "total cost of ownership", which is convenient for leasing companies to manage and make decisions more effectively. This is not only applicable to the aerial work platform industry, but also the service concept that the entire Chinese construction machinery industry needs to popularize. Based on the cutting-edge technology and concept in the field of aerial work platforms, JLG has innovative R & D technology, mature production technology, high-quality service system and advanced "product life cycle" concept. It is committed to serving the field of aerial work construction with a safe and efficient aerial work platform, promoting the process of construction mechanization of aerial work, and leading the development of aerial work platform industry

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