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Jiuquan Iron and Steel Technology Center special equipment inspection station has made great achievements in tapping the potential of technology.

since this year, based on the actual work, the special equipment inspection station of the technology center has actively responded to the call for tapping the potential and increasing efficiency, and has carried out potential tapping activities such as labor competition, repairing the old and recycling the waste, and optimizing the inspection and testing process from four aspects, including nondestructive testing, pressure vessel inspection, safety valve calibration, and welding repair, Up to now, the cumulative potential of 500000 yuan long fiber injection process (hereinafter referred to as "LFI") is a series of system solutions developed by Klaus Murphy for fiber-reinforced lightweight structures

during the regular inspection of a hot gas storage tank in the refinery and rolling plant in April, the station found that there were many dense transverse cracks on the weld surface of the tank body, which had extended to the base metal area. According to the regulations, the current gas tank of the heat storage tank should be scrapped, but once the equipment stops running, it will affect the on-site production. After comprehensive analysis and combining with the actual working conditions, the technicians of the station have formulated a practical maintenance plan. After maintenance, the hot air storage tank can be monitored and used for 1 year, and the efficiency increase is estimated to be 304800 yuan

at the same time, the station makes full use of its own technical advantages and vigorously carries out technical potential tapping, such as welding repair, cultivating strategic emerging industrialized inspection block coke reactors, using fluorescent magnetic particle testing technology to shorten the inspection period of spherical tanks, comprehensive inspection of spherical tanks and other aspects of work, and the potential tapping effect is remarkable

it is reported that in the second half of the year, the station will also reasonably select safety valves to tap the potential according to the working conditions of safety valves during the verification of safety valves; At the same time, we will continue to strengthen labor competition and carry out innovative and effective activities on the application of pendulum impact testing machine to ensure the completion of the annual potential tapping plan

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