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Jiuyang electric pressure cooker joyoung/Jiuyang jyy

experience of using it for a month: I have considered buying it on the Internet for a long time. When I received a large number of bubbles, the pressure cooker used once did not disappoint me, and the cooking was fast and delicious! Powerful, I saw the same price in RT Mart. The only difference is that the pressure cooker can steam things, with a partition! I hope your skills can also be cooked below. Last year, you can steam steamed buns and sweet potatoes

half year evaluation:

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product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

applicant name after assembly and service life: Hangzhou Jiuyang household appliances Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Hangzhou Jiuyang household appliances Co., Ltd.

Product Name: electric pressure cooker

3C product model: jyy-60c1, jyy-60c2, JYY-60C3 6.0L; JYY-50C1, JYY-5...

Product Name: joyoung/Jiuyang JY in January this year y-50c2

brand: joyoung/Jiuyang

model: jyy-50c2

color classification: rose red

control method: microcomputer

pressure cooker function: steaming and stewing appointment timing

pressure cooker specification: 21cm (including) -25cm (including automatic shutdown after the friction times reach the set value)

after sales service: national joint insurance

anhydrous stew function: not supported

applicable number: 3-6

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