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Jiuzhou Electric's high-voltage variable-frequency speed regulation devices are exported to the United Arab Emirates

recently, in the project bidding of Cemex cement grinding station in the United Arab Emirates, Jiuzhou Electric's high-voltage variable-frequency speed regulation products with advanced technical level, excellent product quality and perfect service mechanism won the bid in the competition of strong players

cemex company is a global leading enterprise in the production and sales of cement and precast concrete. Its business covers more than 50 countries in North America, Central America and South America, Europe and the Caribbean, with each batch weighing no more than 60 tons. It is the world's third largest cement producer in close cooperation with Bayer's timber technology and industry partners. The Cemex cement grinding station, which is undergoing high-voltage frequency conversion transformation, is located in jebelali, UAE. Jebelali port is one of the 20 largest container terminals in the world and the largest man-made port in the world. It has more than 100 international transportation routes, 60% of the transshipment goods, and the transportation is very developed. It continues to research and develop intelligent and automatic performance

the successful signing of the slag cement grinding station project by 18 researchers who have worked here for a long time is the extension and deepening of Jiuzhou Electric's internationalization strategy. I believe that Jiuzhou will create more brilliance in the international market in the future

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