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Jiuzhou electric megawatt wind power converter is of national concern

the megawatt wind power converter project is a high-tech hydraulic universal experimental machine in the field of renewable energy. The system is faulty. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the state will increase its support for renewable energy and set a target of renewable energy power generation accounting for 12% of the country's total installed capacity by 2020. At present, China has basically mastered the manufacturing technology of large-scale wind turbines through introduction, digestion and absorption, but at present, China's wind power industry is undergoing a severe test. Compared with developed countries, there is still a certain gap in the manufacturing level of wind power equipment in China, and because it has not completely formed products with truly independent intellectual property rights, it does not have the ability to compete with foreign companies. Variable speed constant frequency doubly fed wind turbine and permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine are recognized as the most promising wind power generation schemes, becoming the first choice of megawatt wind turbines, and also the main direction for China to enter the megawatt wind power market. At present, the electric control equipment of domestic wind turbines still depends on imports, especially the converters for wind power generation are 100% imported, which has become a bottleneck restricting the industrialization of wind power generation in China. Therefore, the industrialization of megawatt wind power converter project is imminent

wind power converter is an indispensable energy variable link of wind turbine at present, which can display N-t and J-T curves. Because the wind in nature is formed by air flow, the size and direction of the wind force have great randomness, so when the wind blows on the blades of the wind turbine, its force also changes randomly with the size of the wind, which leads to the speed of the wind turbine from time to time, so the amplitude and frequency of the electricity generated by the wind turbine also change. The main function of the wind power converter is to convert the electric energy with unstable frequency and amplitude of the voltage generated by the wind turbine under the action of natural wind into the electric energy with stable frequency and amplitude, which meets the electrical requirements, and is incorporated into the electricity

the megawatt wind power converter products developed and produced by Jiuzhou company have been approved with three national patents, mainly including: full power parallel converter for megawatt wind power generation (Patent No. zl.4), megawatt direct drive wind power parallel converter (Patent No. zl.8), and three-level medium voltage converter for megawatt wind power generation (patent No. zl.9). It has the technical conditions for industrialized production

the industrialization project of Harbin Jiuzhou Electric Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 200 MW wind power converters is listed as the second batch of 130billion new central investment projects, which also fully shows that Jiuzhou's achievements in the development and industrialization of MW wind power converters have been recognized by the state

Jiuzhou company will take this opportunity to seize the historic opportunity of vigorously advocating and developing the wind power industry in China, further expand the application business of megawatt wind power converter in the field of new energy, and make it a new profit growth point of the company. It will gradually establish CPRJ China plastic rubber to interview Mr. Zhong Huaining and become a professional manufacturer of wind power converter equipment with strong competitiveness and influence in the world

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