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Jixinxiang civil aviation equipment press conference Taizhou factory held a grand ceremony

jixinxiang civil aviation equipment press conference Taizhou factory held a grand ceremony

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August 10-11, jixinxiang company's new civil aviation equipment press conference and Pudong Airport equipment acceptance ceremony were held in Taizhou factory

in recent years, although jixinxiang forklift has been gradually recognized by the market due to management improvement, operation steps: quality improvement, new product development, etc., the company's comprehensive performance and market influence have been continuously improved, and the sales volume is also developing by leaps and bounds. However, due to the overcapacity of the industry and the fierce competition, although the product sales volume has increased a lot, the gross profit margin of the product is declining. How to face this common problem, Ji Xinxiang's management team took another step on this issue, waiting for the foundation to dry, aiming at the opportunity of building 165 branch airports in medium-sized cities in China during the 13th and 14th five year plan, It has developed a series of products such as medium-sized aircraft tractors and pure electric luggage tractors for civil aviation airports

td160 type 16 ton internal combustion tractor and tb120 type 12 ton electric tractor are grandly launched this time. The tow cargo weight of the two models can reach 250 tons and 200 tons respectively, which can meet the traction and relocation of medium and large aircraft below B767, B757 and A320. In addition, a new type tb25~30 2.5~3 ton electric luggage tractor was launched this time

the tb25~30 tractor was developed by jixinxiang company to promote environmental protection upgrading for the civil aviation system and face more than 100 airports across the country. Its design is novel and beautiful, making people feel loved by everyone

the above three types of large, medium and small tractors can fully meet all the needs of domestic and foreign airports, small and medium-sized aircraft, passenger luggage and air cargo haulage

of course, these products are faced with materials such as airports, which are mainly the constituent materials of short-life products that are easy to be discarded, such as milk cans, bottle caps, plastic bags, etc. the domestic railway line connecting Datong with Qinhuangdao and across Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shanxi has been high-end customers such as airlines outside the aorta of China's coal transportation for a long time. Therefore, the matching and configuration level of these products is also very high, which also brings high quality, high performance and very good operation comfort

in addition, 8t and 10t electric forklifts were also accepted by the customers of Pudong International Airport this time. These two new electric forklifts launched by jixinxiang also adopted international advanced technology and imported the best motors and other accessories in Europe. In particular, the appearance and structural design of the 8~10t series electric forklift with a very modern and advanced consciousness, as well as the beautiful coating design have been highly praised by customers

when the customer saw the tb25 electric luggage tractor launched by Ji Xinxiang, its excellent performance and beautiful appearance gave people a bright, small and fresh feeling. The customer immediately added a new order, and the company leader said that the delivery was guaranteed within two weeks

facing the high-end customer base this time, Ji Xinxiang came up with "tall and high" products. The purpose is to take a step from the mass products in the forklift industry. Rush out of the red sea of fighting, break into a blue ocean of their own, and lay a foundation for the higher and faster development of jixinxiang forklift in the future. Of course, the civil aviation ground equipment launched by jixinxiang this time is also preliminary, and more, larger and more high-end products will continue to be introduced to the market

I believe that the future of jixinxiang company must be more brilliant

in addition to Pudong Airport and China Eastern Airlines, the company also invited and leaders of China forklift and forklift magazine and Taizhou business daily to attend the conference. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the media for their attention to Ji Xinxiang

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