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Jiuzhou inverter was successfully exported to Turkey, Madagascar and Indonesia

among the five Turkish projects implemented by CMEC in 2007: Turkey BAGE1 power station, Turkey bage2 power station, Turkey slopi power station, Turkey Alkali Mine Power Station and Turkey eren2 × The 600MW power station project has left the figure of Jiuzhou electric company's equipment. The Eren power station project in Turkey is the first time that our company has applied the DC system to 600MW generator units abroad, which is of great significance as the frequency converter export project in Sudan

recently, after a difficult bidding process, we successfully signed a contract with China national technology import and Export Corporation, which was awarded the contract for the manufacturing of MNS low-voltage switchgear of Madagascar 300MW power plant boiler island project, which has shown several positive signals in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. Once again, we properly tested Wechsler hardness for Jiuzhou electric aluminum alloy products Precautions for the use of plastic tensile testing machine our company has achieved the first export of low-voltage switchgear

at the end of 2007, we have good news again, in sunaraya 1, Banten Province, Indonesia × In the bidding of 660MW thermal power generating units, our company's DC system won the pre bid when passing the test, which further consolidated our company's dominant position in the queue of equipment suppliers of foreign projects for our DC system to enter the next city of foreign 600MW power station projects

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