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Jiulong mechanical double shaft shredder develops the future market with quality and after-sales

Jiulong mechanical double shaft shredder develops the future market with quality and after-sales

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the position of double shaft shredder in the current market is as stable as Mount Tai. At present, there is no mechanical equipment that can replace double shaft shredder. The manufacturing principle and process of the double shaft shredder are also amazing to everyone. It is not designed and manufactured by ordinary factories. Jiulong company is an excellent machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise. Professionals from Jiulong company are responsible for sales, production and after-sales. Jiulong has invested a lot of human and financial resources in promoting the double shaft shredder at major machinery exhibitions across the country, which is the fundamental reason why industry bosses across the country have learned about the double shaft shredder. It is also the origin of the popularity of Jiulong double shaft shredder in various industries across the country

Jiulong machinery is a manufacturing enterprise dedicated to the development, design and sales of machinery and equipment in the environmental protection and recycling industry. It is a device used in testing the strength of experimental pieces in an environment other than the usual temperature and humidity of the manufacturing line. With the core concept of "science and technology, environment and resources", the company is committed to building a circular economy industrial chain integrating the development of "R & D and manufacturing of environmental protection equipment", "recycling and dismantling of metal waste and scrap cars", "resource utilization of urban waste and domestic waste", "renewable resources" and "green energy"

reasons and solutions for the blockage of the shredder: in normal production, if the shredder is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to cause blockage, which will affect the production efficiency. Next, let's analyze the reasons and how to solve it

after nearly 6 years of market sales, the double shaft shredder has become a mature waste resource recycling equipment. Through the changes of details, the double shaft shredder of Kowloon company changes slightly every year. It is to save more energy, reduce pollution and waste resources. Jiulong shall carefully adjust the clearance, including the spacing between the indenter and the mold core, the movement plane of the indenter and the hopper car, the mold frame and the line plate, and the relative movement shall not be interfered or touched. Through continuous improvement of the technology that the surface area of each concrete specimen of the biaxial shredder is 0.48m2, the biaxial shredder in Jiulong has become one of the best in the same industry and has become the pioneer of the national biaxial shredder

the popularity of the double shaft shredder in various industries across the country constantly reminds many industries that the era of environmental protection equipment has arrived. If you want to develop your career in a sustainable manner, you need to push through the old and bring forth the new, and accept more new things. Only in this way can the domestic economic market become more and more perfect. Please contact Jiulong machinery for questions about the double shaft shredder

material conditions of metal shredder crushing effect

1. The harder the material is, the harder it is to crush, and the slower the speed is. Even the shredder with a sharp blade is no exception. And the greater the hardness of the material, the greater the wear of the blade and other accessories. The mechanical structure of the metal tearing electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine also increases the difficulty of crushing

2. Humidity of the material. If there is too much moisture in the material, it is very easy to adhere to the blade in the shredder during crushing, which increases the resistance of the machine. If the broken powder is adhered inside the machine, it is easy to jam during the feeding and conveying process, which seriously affects the crushing ability of the shredder. The larger the crushing workload of the shredder, the smaller the crushing capacity

4. The composition of materials in the working process of the shredder, the fine breaking is very simple and adheres inside, which increases the difficulty of crushing. Therefore, the more fine breaking, the greater the impact on the crushing ability of the shredder. That means that the more fines contained in the material before crushing, the more affected the crushing ability of the shredder. It is suggested that if there is too much fine breakage in the material, the metal shredder will also * screen it before crushing

5. Viscosity of the material the greater the viscosity of the material, the simpler its broken particles will adhere to the inside of the shredder, and then continuously increase the resistance of the shredder during crushing, and then affect its crushing efficiency

6. Wear resistance of broken parts (hammer head, jaw plate) the better the wear resistance of broken parts (hammer head, jaw plate) of the crushing equipment, the greater the crushing ability of the shredder, on the contrary, the smaller the crushing ability of the shredder, "Dr. Fan said

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