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Jiujiang Petrochemical will build an ethylbenzene styrene device

Sinopec headquarters recently issued the reply to the feasibility study report on the 80000 ton/year ethylbenzene styrene device of Jiujiang Branch, agreeing that Jiujiang Petrochemical Branch will build an 80000 ton/year ethylbenzene styrene device. How much do you know about the tensile strength and yield strength of the device during annual operation? The total investment of the project is 663million yuan, Construction will begin in the second half of this year. The ethylbenzene unit adopts the complete set of gas-phase dry gas to ethylbenzene technology independently developed by Sinopec, and the phenylene aeroengine composite and aircraft internal composite ene unit adopts the adiabatic negative pressure dehydrogenation technology developed by SINOPEC

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