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Huawei Developer Conference: believe that taking low code to bid farewell to big data development problems

on April 24, the 2021 Huawei Developer Conference (oud2021) opened in another city of Shenzhen University. Many technical experts and developers gathered to discuss and share the innovation and application of ICT technology in the industry. Shenxin was invited to attend and showed the big data intelligent platform Abdi, xyclouds managed cloud and security solutions. In addition, Yi Letian, the director of big data business of deep conviction, also gave a keynote speech entitled "exploration and practice of big data low code analysis", sharing the exploration results of deep conviction in the field of big data development

deeply convinced that the big data platform Abdi realizes efficient development with low code

in sharing, Yi Lotte analyzed many challenges faced by users in big data development, such as low security, poor stability, many components, low development efficiency, difficult operation and maintenance, high talent cost, etc. he believed that the big data development platform should reduce the difficulty of development and operation and maintenance, provide stable support, and let users focus on business innovation

we are deeply convinced that big data intelligent platform Abdi includes two sub products: big data basic platform Abdi base and big data development tool suite Abdi studio

compared with the traditional mode, Abdi Studio allows users to use low code technology without requiring domestic market participants to pass ldquo; Arbitrage windowrdquo; Coding or a small amount of code can quickly complete the development of big data, provide tools to support large-scale data concurrent access, data warehouse visual modeling, data retrieval acceleration, model monitoring and management, task dependency scheduling, data visual display and other different needs, effectively reduce the technical threshold at all stages of big data development, and improve the development efficiency of big data applications

the big data basic platform, Abdi base, has deeply enhanced open source components in terms of reliability, security, ease of use, efficiency and so on, providing users with stable and efficient business support

analyze data, guide decision-making, and Abdi helps users achieve business optimization

in addition to analyzing and explaining the characteristics of deeply convinced Abdi, e-lotte also shared typical business scenarios such as sensor data analysis, but it must carry out verification log data analysis and data warehouse construction before use, as well as cooperation cases of some users

in a university case, the school analyzed the distribution of students' academic risk index (including class ranking, average score, statistics of failing grades, etc.) through the Abdi platform based on the collected data of students' historical grades, attendance data, book borrowing records, etc., estimated the students with academic risks, and significantly improved the level of academic management

in the cooperation with a power plant, users not only achieved real-time control of offshore and onshore wind farms, wind turbines, inverters and other equipment, but also evaluated the actual power generation capacity of the wind farm and each unit through the efficiency analysis of Abdi. Through detailed analysis and diagnosis of the performance and reliability of each unit in the field, they can accurately answer where the power loss of the wind farm and units is, It provides a direction for optimizing technology, which will reduce the strength and durability of molded products

this Huawei developer conference is deeply convinced that it has contributed a new perspective and practical experience on the big data platform to this developer conference, providing users with a more easy-to-use, worry free and efficient choice for big data development. In addition to the sharing of big data, xyclouds hosting cloud, application Shield security solutions and SDL security development landing solutions were also presented at this conference, providing a strong reference for the development and exploration of ICT

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