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Huawei Ding Yun: Unleash network potential and stimulate business growth

Ryan Ding, managing director of Huawei and President of BG, an operator, delivered a keynote speech at the 2020 better world summit today. Ding Yun pointed out that under the new normal of the global epidemic, operators need to prepare for network construction and business development from four aspects, quickly release network potential and stimulate business growth

Ding Yun provides keynote speech

first, maximize value

operators should make full use of the existing network, directly and rapidly expand the network capacity through software upgrading, accurate capacity expansion or replacement of RRU, cope with the rapid growth of traffic in the post epidemic era, and continue to optimize the site TCO

second, focus on user experience and create 5g boutique network

the best network experience is the cornerstone of bringing business success to operators. Taking the development of 5g in South Korea as an example, operators have achieved the greatest commercial success by building the best 5g network to bring the best experience to users. Huawei will assist operators to create the best user experience and quickly realize 5g network capacity

third, accelerate 5g B2B scale commerce and expand business boundaries. 5g development has entered a new stage, and B2B market is the key for operators to achieve business success. Operators need to make good industry choices, build new capabilities for 5g B2B business, and promote the unification of industry standards, so as to accelerate the large-scale commercial use of G B2B at the beginning

to succeed in B2B, it is very important to make a good choice of industry. At present, the dedicated line has become a typical case of 5g B2B quick win, and more than 15 operators around the world have commercial 5g dedicated line business. In addition, from the three dimensions of industry attractiveness, commercial and technical feasibility, Huawei proposes to take coal, steel, port, oil field and other industries as the key target industries for operators to launch 5g B2B at the current stage

operators need to build network planning, construction, maintenance, optimization and operation capabilities for B2B business. Such as the ability to carry out network planning in combination with different industry scenarios, resulting in changes in sensor output voltage and production environment, and provide products and solutions that meet industry requirements. At the same time, we should build a business and ecological enabling platform, provide standardized products and services, and build a healthy business model

promote unified industry standards. Unified industry standards are the basis for the scale development of 5g B2B. At present, cross industry cooperation is actively carried out. Mining, steel and other industries have initiated the communication of industry standards by publishing industry white papers, establishing ecological alliances, and jointly participating in the import of key nuclear reactor core materials to push the performance of optical fibers and networks to a new height. It is difficult to make a major change in a short time. It is difficult to discuss with standards and other ways

fourth, create a future oriented telecommunications network. The communication industry needs to think positively about how the telecommunications network can support the changing business needs of individuals, families and enterprises in the future and support the development of the digital economy. Huawei will continue to help global operators build goals for future evolution and support their continued commercial success

other speakers at today's meeting include liangbaojun, deputy general manager of China Unicom, Choi Yoon Ho, general manager of China Mobile Government and enterprise branch, vice president of LG u+ ar/vr services, Phil Kendall, executive director of strategy analytics, and Peng Honghua, President of Huawei 5g product line

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