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Huawei contact center "new solutions, new businesses and new products"

on December 23, the industry application and market analysis theme salon and 2016 CTI forum recommendation award ceremony hosted by CTI Forum (), a network community and portal in China's computer and communication field, was successfully held in Beijing, and the selection results of 2016 CTI forum recommendation award were officially announced. Huawei enterprise cloud has reduced the number of PCB level devices by 3 (1) times (compared with domestic and foreign peers). Qu Changzhi, director of solutions cooperation in the communication industry, was invited to attend the event and delivered a wonderful keyword speech

for details, please refer to the selection topic of 2016 CTI forum recommendation Award:

the picture shows: Qu Changzhi, director of solution cooperation in Huawei Enterprise Cloud communication industry.

Huawei has started the research and development of call center related products since 1993. It is the initiator of the world's first acd+cti+ivr integrated contact center. With all independent intellectual property rights, it has become the world's leading provider of overall solutions for call centers. After more than 20 years of experience accumulation in the contact center field, and on this basis, Huawei has always taken openness, integration and innovation as the concept. With end-to-end integrated solutions with cross media channels, high reliability and easy smooth expansion, Huawei helps enterprises achieve high-value customer service and active marketing. As the first speaker, Qu Changzhi introduced some work and progress of Huawei in the field of contact centers in recent years from the perspective of new solutions, new businesses and new products

according to quchangzhi, Huawei has mainly launched two solutions this year, including the omni channel financial contact center solution in the financial industry and the integrated command solution in the public security industry

speaking of innovation in the financial industry, Huawei not only has an all media contact center solution that integrates voice, social media and collaboration capabilities, but also has created Huawei Espace VTM remote banking solution, which is based on Huawei's more than 20 years of experience in the contact center field and innovative ICT technology - Huawei's full set of high-definition video, remote collaboration, business push, routing and queuing, multi terminal access and other technologies, Combined with the characteristics and development trend of the financial industry. It not only provides face-to-face remote counter services to bank customers, but also realizes the unified services of multi screen videos such as, pad, PC, smart TV, etc., which makes bank services closer to customers' personalized channels and truly makes bank services everywhere

Qu Changzhi opened the way. In the financial industry, Huawei is the first manufacturer to provide VTM solutions. It adds video and collaboration capabilities to teller machines. Whether it is a traditional call center or an omni channel Omnimedia call center, it really realizes the application of two-way video to the industry through the operation process of VTM hydraulic pressure testing machine, which has been recognized by customers. The original VTM scheme and the call center operated separately. In essence, it was also a customer service platform, so Huawei integrated the two. In the future, the VTM function will be built into the contact center solution in the financial industry

when a security incident occurs, whether we can grasp the on-site situation in the shortest time, make decisive decisions, and coordinate the coordinated operations of police, fire and other departments is the key to whether we can crack down on illegal and criminal activities in time. Huawei integrated command center solution integrates alarm reception and handling platform, CAD, GIS, video monitoring, elte trunking communication, video consultation and other modules to realize visual command and rapid decision-making. Huawei integrated command center solution integrates voice, video, data and other information resources, including IVS, TP, elte, IPCC, PGIS, CAD, police integrated system and other communication tools and information modules

Qu Changzhi said: the problem with the previous 110 alarm reception and handling or three in one platform is that it is pure voice, which is only limited to handling and recording alarms. As the public security situation is getting more and more serious, both at home and abroad, the requirements for the whole public security treatment are getting higher and higher. It's not just how to deal with the alarm, but how to deal with it quickly and effectively after receiving the alarm. For example, put the two-way video capability on the public security processing platform, the police can use or special equipment to send the on-site video back to the command center, and the video monitoring implementation around the case can be called in. Based on this consideration, Huawei has combined the traditional call center platform with two-way video capabilities and video monitoring capabilities to form a large scheme, which has done several major projects at home and abroad

according to quchangzhi, Huawei launched the hosting CC business this year. Previously, it was launched in the operator market, but now it is launched in the enterprise market. Huawei has found some partners. Huawei does not operate. Huawei only provides such a platform, which is also Huawei's attempt to migrate its call center to the public cloud. Not only the call center platform, Huawei cooperates with the three major operators to provide preferential relay intervention, SMS access and other resources

Huawei has built a cloud service resource network covering the national, provincial and municipal levels in China, which can provide secure cloud services for enterprise users all over the country anytime, anywhere. Huawei in the cloud service field has undergone manual failure processing, and its positioning and boundaries are very clear. In the IT field, it only achieves the PAAS layer, and works with partners to build solutions for end customers

it is reported that Huawei has launched two important products in the contact center industry this year. The first is soft media server. Pure soft has become the problematic CC that investors are most concerned about. Huawei itself is good at making hardware, and its strength is to make its products bigger and stronger. With the cloud, we must first pure soften. This year, Huawei launched a pure soft media server. Under the pure soft architecture, each system can reach the scale of 20000 seats

the second product is the miniaturized product CCE (Contact Center Express). CCE is a software and hardware integrated call center server developed by Huawei for small and medium-sized enterprise call centers, which integrates CTI, IVR, USM, CMS and other software. It supports 50 seats, 50 way IVR, with complete functions, including eight core functions, such as seats, quality inspection, outbound calls, etc. This all in one product is Huawei's new attempt to face the small and medium-sized call center market

Huawei's efforts in the small and medium-sized enterprise call center market confirm the change of Huawei's corporate philosophy. In this market, Huawei needs more partners to promote. Two way video technology has long existed. Why is it not promoted in the market? Because the manufacturers who master this technology still have a distance from the real business. If only manufacturers provide functions, it is useless. It is the most important to truly embed the two-way video capability into the customer's business with partners. For example, in the maintenance business, you can infiltrate the relevant functions in the software, see the damaged things, process the relevant business processes, and push the relevant instructions. For example, Huawei's VTM was developed with partners after half a year of sorting out the business with bank customers

it is Huawei's unchanging commitment to be integrated. Since last year, Huawei has begun to focus on creating industrial solutions and building an industrial ecosystem. Next year, Huawei will work with its partners to launch more industrial solutions. Huawei hopes to gather the strength of partners and do more meaningful things in the wave of innovation

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