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Huawei cloudpower cloud data center

with the sonorous steps of the cloud era, hcc2012 (Huawei Cloud Computing Conference 2012) arrived on time, and the data center solutions of Huawei network energy product line showed HCC again. In less than a year since the last HCC, Huawei people have once again demonstrated Huawei's speed, comprehensively improved the performance and comprehensive competitiveness of modular data center products, and presented hcc2012 with a more perfect cloudpower cloud data center solution

cloud computing poses unprecedented challenges to traditional data centers. Huawei people devote themselves to research and develop modular data center products and solutions. In this HCC, small modular data centers, micro data centers and all in one container data centers are specially selected for physical display. At the same time, a special forum on Data Center Planning and construction and a special data center on-site press conference are held. A series of activities have attracted great attention from the industry, attracting nearly 1000 professional consultations from new and old customers on site, marking the true maturity of Huawei's data center solutions

through the interview, we learned that based on the deep understanding of cloud computing, MBB and other technologies, we have made customer-oriented strategic adjustments: extending from the telecom operator network to the enterprise business and consumer field, and providing customers with integrated solutions in the ICT field, and the data center is the basis for ICT to move towards integration. Therefore, Huawei has entered the data center field on a large scale and unswervingly increased R & D investment in the data center field, It has made many achievements and obtained dozens of patented technologies in UPS, power distribution system, cabinet system, intelligent management system, etc

based on the excellent design concept and product performance, the sales of Huawei data center solutions exceeded US $115million in the first half of the year, and the long construction cycle of the whole year is expected to exceed US $250million. Among them, the container data center featured in this exhibition is more popular, and the annual order is expected to exceed 100 cases

Hua will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the industry to maintain it regularly after it is used. Fang Liangzhou, President of MKT, the network energy product line, said: modular data center will be a ray of dawn to deal with the cloud era. It is a solution and a construction mode. Its main customer values are simple, flexible, intelligent and green, which is the 4S concept advocated by Huawei. The data center designed according to the 4S concept conforms to the trend of the times and the real needs of customers in the field of cloud computing. A typical example is the container data center, which solves the problem of rapid deployment, has mobility, and can adapt to a variety of field applications, which is impossible for building centers. It has created a new model for the construction of data centers in the cloud era. At present, well-known IT enterprises such as Google, Microsoft and IBM have used containerized data centers to establish macro-control and market regulation mechanisms

this HCC will end in two days, but for Huawei cloudpower cloud data center, the transformation has just begun. We look forward to a more exciting hcc2013, and the data center will bring us more breakthroughs

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