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Huawei's open platform for communication capabilities appeared at the ctiforum of the China International Soft Trade Fair on July 3 (Yu Xin): Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, appeared at the 12th China (Dalian) international software and Information Services Trade Conference (hereinafter referred to as the soft Trade Fair) with the latest products and solutions of CAAS (communication as a service). With the theme of smart city and cool life, this soft Trade Fair attracted more than 700 exhibitors, nearly 100 domestic and foreign groups and more than 30000 visitors. The exhibition focuses on the practical application of it intelligence in urban construction and daily life, and hopes to see through the future life of intelligence, mobility, cloud and virtualization by showing the latest applications and experiences in smart city construction

Huawei CAAS open platform is a platform based on the innovation of the operator's communication network. With the improvement of environmental protection standards, it integrates the operator (12) military functional material process and preparation technology; The sales volume of traditional communication network and mobile Internet industry increased from 16.3 billion yuan in 2002 to 59 billion yuan in 2010. Combined, developers of enterprise software, interconnection, IOT and other industrial chains can develop products with full interoperability and high-quality communication capabilities through CAAS open platform. At this soft trade fair, Huawei showed a wealth of innovative loading speed settings developed by its partners based on the CAAS open platform. The loading speed of the electronic universal experimental machine is generally adjustable products. These products involve many fields of work and life, such as in the work field: the enterprise OA (office automation) solution provided by the CAAS open platform, which can integrate voice, video, conference, SMS, interactive voice response Functions such as recording are integrated into the original OA system of the enterprise, making the functions of the original system more perfect and rich, so that enterprise users across platforms, regions, networks and terminals can break communication barriers, obtain close communication effects, and improve the work efficiency and soft power of the enterprise

in the field of life, a video car insurance application launched by Huawei CAAS open platform breaks the previous car insurance reporting mode. The application realizes video call, video recording and video synchronization functions by integrating video call capability. In case of traffic accidents or other emergencies, people can call the insurance company through video calls, quickly report on the scene by sharing the on-site video, and quickly apply for life and property rescue, while the insurance company can carry out rapid processing and effective personnel scheduling according to the on-site situation, so as to effectively speed up the accident processing speed and reduce the accident cost. Once these two applications were displayed, visitors showed great interest. Visitors with development ability expressed strong interest and asked about the development process and steps of the application, while ordinary visitors expressed the hope that the application could be popularized and these business applications could be obtained more conveniently in work and life

Huawei CAAS open platform encapsulates operators' voice calls, video calls, multimedia conferences, click to dial, call centers, voice notifications and other communication resources into API (Application Programming Interface) or SDK (software development kit) and opens them through interconnection. Developers joining the CAAS open platform can minimize the technical threshold of entry, In the process of application development, the business system and communication module are freely combined. The world is moving towards a fully connected trend. Developers, operators and Huawei can complement each other's advantages in resources and capabilities on the CAAS open platform, so as to find new ways and support for their respective development in the future

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