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In the first half of the year, Huawei grandly held the 2014 China as a Chinese Partner Conference in Nanjing. This is the fourth consecutive Partner Conference held by Huawei's enterprise business. More than a thousand partners from all over the world participated in this conference and had a close contact with the latest ICT products and solutions for the enterprise market of Huawei enterprise business group, such as Huawei LTE (enterprise LTE, enterprise LTE) solutions. The partners expressed sincere admiration for Huawei's competitiveness, At the same time, he was also impressed by the strength of Huawei's various products and solutions

Huawei enterprise BG, which has such a strong appeal, was actually established in 2011. However, Huawei has actually worked in the field of Chinese enterprises for more than ten years. In addition to providing products and solutions for the three major communication operators, Huawei has also done business for a long time and has sufficient technology and market reserves. It is reported that in 2013, the sales revenue of Huawei BG China increased by more than 40% year-on-year. It is expected that China will further accelerate the growth rate in the future. At the same time, Huawei will also strengthen its expansion in the Chinese government, transportation, large enterprises, power and other industries. Huawei said that they pay more attention to customers and the service and technical support to partners

in other words, while IOT is promoting the process of social intelligence and informatization, China's 4G network has begun to deploy rapidly (in sharp contrast to the situation in 3G). Various industries have increasingly urgent needs for LTE communication services: a large number of broadband data services such as video transmission, remote winding testing machine manufacturers' introduction of operational knowledge, data acquisition and multimedia scheduling. At the 2014 global industry LTE Summit Forum held not long ago, the elte solution and the plan to establish an elte industry alliance brought by Huawei delighted the industry and partners, and has been successfully applied to some important cities and enterprises at home and abroad

it is understood that the elte solution provided by Huawei relies on leading wireless technology, focuses on government and enterprise customers, supports broadband clustering, video surveillance, data acquisition, broadband data access, emergency communication and other professional businesses, helps customers improve communication quality, helps customers improve operational efficiency, solves network deployment problems in harsh environments, creates a safe society, and enriches people's lives

especially in smart cities, Huawei has a very successful case. Smart city is indeed a hot spot. Every place is talking about smart city. In fact, smart city is a very wide range of issues, including smart transportation, smart government, smart medicine and so on. In China, in the area of intelligent transportation, Huawei's main partners include traditional business partners, design institutes, intelligent transportation companies and so on. Based on the railway field, it will gradually expand to the subway, airport and other industries, and expand the network of elte to the subway PIs business field. In this way, when taking the subway in the future, Huawei elte can provide passengers with real-time and entertainment information, facilitate and enrich people's travel, and also bring value-added space for subway owners.

Huawei also cooperates with some cities. Ma Yue, President of Huawei enterprise business China, said, For example, the situation of Nanjing Road: where to dig a ditch, where to build houses around, and the scheduling of each highway line, including GPS installed by taxis, monitoring and scheduling instructions, bus stop signs, etc., are nodes of intelligent transportation. Last year, Huawei also built an intelligent network in Zhengzhou subway, which actually improved the operation efficiency. Passengers will see TV programs more smoothly on the train through the elte network, and the ride experience will be further improved. These are from Huawei's accumulation of wireless and networking in the past ten years, coupled with the integration of IT solutions, Huawei has accumulated considerable experience in the field of smart transportation or smart city

Ma Yue, President of Huawei's enterprise business in China, once said that Huawei would make Nanjing a Chinese model, a joint innovation center, develop more applications, and then export experience to other cities in China. Huawei's strategic approach is to focus and be integrated, first in Nanjing, and then to be integrated is to find partners

smart cities face different problems in different cities. Some of them are common. Huawei does infrastructure here. Relatively speaking, infrastructure has great commonalities, and elte is one of our parts. The overall solution provided by Huawei from the it and network can help and adjust the buffer valve handle to generate the buffer of the corresponding load, and help the city build a good architecture in the infrastructure, added Yu Dong, general manager of Huawei enterprise business government and public utilities solutions department

for Huawei, the model is very clear. Whether it is elte or infrastructure solutions, it has strong popularity. Once established, the Nanjing model is easy to replicate

on the other hand, Huawei's enterprise business in China has the following characteristics: first, Huawei has a R & D team of more than 70000 people, which can adhere to continuous innovation; Second, ensure that the main product phase change materials have the advantages of high thermal efficiency, high storage density, and almost constant temperature when storing or releasing energy. The technology of the case is leading; Third, work together with our partners to provide differentiated information solutions for end users. Relying on these three points, Huawei will promote its further development in the field of intelligent transportation from technology reserves to case accumulation

in 2014, Huawei will continue to work with partners to lead innovation, and comprehensively demonstrate the progress made by Huawei and thousands of partners in many fields, such as product layout, solution capability, industrial chain depth, business innovation and so on. It is reported that Huawei will introduce more perfect channel policies this year. In addition to further favoring partners in the distribution of benefits, Huawei will also emphasize helping partners improve their pre-sales and after-sales capabilities and how Huawei services support partners

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