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Huawei elte solution won the 2015 best integration of future broadband and tetra award

Huawei announced that elte solution won the 2015 best integration of future broadband with tetra award. This award recognizes Huawei's outstanding contributions to the development and evolution of the cluster industry over the years. The award is held once a year and is evaluated and awarded by the industry organization TCCA (TETRA and key communication association). It is the most authoritative award in the whole cluster industry and one of the highest gold content awards

is the standard organization of tetra, which is the most successful voice and narrowband mobile data standard for emergency communication in the world. For emergency broadband data communication, TCCA established the key communication broadband research group (ccbg) and actively promoted the development of global mobile communication standards. In January, 2013, Huawei officially became a member of TCCA, making greater contributions to the Tetra professional cluster and the next generation broadband cluster technology to enable you to restore the integration and evolution of the economy

the judges presented trophies and certificates to Xu Zhiyu, general manager of enterprise wireless field to China.

won the best integration award of future broadband and tetra issued by TCCA.

it is Huawei's wireless broadband solution based on 4G LTE standard, adapted to industry needs, and oriented to multimedia application development, which supports the interconnection with TETRA system. At present, the interworking of elte and tetra narrowband digital trunking can be realized in two ways, i.e. off interworking mode and system interconnection mode, providing mixed marshalling between elte users and tetra users, and realizing professional trunking functions such as voice group call, voice point call, voice right preemption and release between them

Richard lambley, a judge of the international tetra award, said that Huawei's elte solution uses software configuration to realize the interworking between LTE and tetra networks, and ultimately provides advanced services with high reliability and high capacity. The elte broadband trunking network built by Huawei in Nanjing integrates the voice trunking system based on TETRA, which meets the growing data needs of Nanjing public security departments and has been well applied in practice

Nanjing elte broadband government is the world's first broadband trunked government service based on LTE technology, and it supports the interworking with TETRA system for the first time, realizing the professional cluster functions between the two, including mixed marshalling, group call, point call, etc., and protecting customers' original investment. At the same time, through the elte government affairs department, the Nanjing municipal government deployed an emergency communication network covering the whole city, built a unified information platform for all departments, and achieved a number of business functions, including language 3, the glide sound cluster of the total profit of China's paper industry, visual command and scheduling, real-time monitoring of municipal data such as electricity and hydrology, video monitoring of traffic and key locations, and government mobile office, which improved the efficiency of interdepartmental collaboration, It has achieved efficient command in dealing with emergencies, and successfully ensured the success of the 2013 Asian Youth Games and the 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Lift 3 according to the experimental shape and size

in the enterprise LTE market, by the end of 2014, Huawei had signed 101 enterprise LTE network contracts and opened 53 enterprise LTE commercial networks, including 49 in the government industry, 19 in the transportation industry, 9 in the power industry with stable export growth, 9 in the energy industry, 15 in wisp, and more than 30 countries around the world. As the LTE broadband trunking standard b-trunc is accepted and continuously improved by ITU, the elte solution complying with the international standard is bound to take off

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