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Huawei elte safety solution won the future technology award

[China, Hong Kong, may 22, 2017] during the 2017 world Emergency Communication Exhibition, Huawei elte safety solution won the future technology award issued by the world Emergency Communication Association (TCCA), in recognition of Huawei's technological breakthroughs and innovations in the field of emergency communication

PENG Jianhua, President of Huawei's enterprise wireless business, received the award on the spot

the world Emergency Communication Association TCCA was established in 1994. It is the most authoritative industry organization in the field of global emergency communication and is committed to supporting and promoting the use of leading trunking communication technology. This award to Huawei shows its high recognition of Huawei's leading solution technology and industrial contribution

the traditional narrowband communication network, which only supports voice services, can no longer meet the requirements of contemporary emergency communication network for mobile police, multi service integration, all-round monitoring, intelligent command and scheduling. The elte security solution launched by Huawei is based on the integrated command business, including end-to-end elte broadband cluster, broadband data application, mobile video, wireless video retransmission and other solutions and supporting products. It supports broadband and narrowband communication, and provides a comprehensive urban security wireless communication network with full-service integration, multi-directional perception, high reliability and mobile police cloud

adhering to the strategy of openness, cooperation and integration, we are committed to innovation in the field of public security to enable the digital transformation of mobile police. Huawei's promotion of standards has also greatly hindered the progress of the industry, led technological innovation, and made positive contributions to the construction of industrial ecology

first is the standard. The elte broadband cluster solution supports both b-trunc and 3GPP standards, and protects users' long-term investment through sustainable evolution. In addition, as a member of the TCCA Council and the public protection and disaster relief broadband wireless communication (pddr) Council, Huawei actively promotes the public security industry to establish unified standards and promote industrial development

followed by technological innovation. Huawei has deeply explored the needs of the industry and applied its technology accumulation and successful experience in the 3GPP telecommunications field for many years. In April, 2017, Huawei released the wireless smart electricity elte smartgrid and wireless smart Park elte smartcampus solutions at the Hannover Industrial Expo. In May, 2017, Huawei launched the wireless safe city elte safety solution. The full-service integrated command scheme enables the city's security network to be full. It is necessary to informatization the locking surface of the brake handle: see and call to check whether the equipment is running normally, moving fast, accurately adjusted and fully controlled; Highly reliable professional broadband cluster, which can meet the business needs of the whole scene; Elte wireless video scheme enables security monitoring without dead corners

finally, industrial ecology. Through open cooperation, through open elte broadband cluster API interface. Together with its partners, Huawei has launched a comprehensive integrated command solution integrating voice, video, data and GIS positioning. Install a variety of police app applications in the cluster terminal, connect with the cloud police database, and realize new mobile broadband police services such as case management, identity recognition and on-site law enforcement, so as to effectively enforce the law; In addition, Huawei also provides standard elte wireless communication modules, which can be implanted into cameras, control balls, UAVs and other industrial terminals. The combination of authorized spectrum and unauthorized spectrum greatly enriches the application of wireless video surveillance. 1 Clear division of space: experimental machines are usually divided into single space and double space scenarios

PENG Jianhua, President of Huawei's enterprise wireless business, said that since the launch of the world's first LTE broadband cluster solution, Huawei has promoted the development of broadband cluster industry through continuous technological innovation for many years. At present, it has entered the stage of large-scale deployment. The construction of broadband cluster has become a common consensus in the industry on the digitalization and informatization of police

as of the first quarter of 2017, the elte broadband cluster has served more than 150 networks in 57 countries around the world

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