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Huawei data-driven smart bank helps Southeast Asia Inclusive Finance

today, Huawei and ChinaSoft International released a smart financial data solution based on the fusion data lake on Huawei connect 2019, and focused on Southeast Asia to help Southeast Asian financial institutions promote and popularize smart financial services for all

financial services in the future are unbounded and intelligent. First, there is no boundary. In the future, the financial industry will surpass the physical boundaries of banks, and financial services are everywhere, integrated into every dazzling life scene, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, entertainment, etc. Take China mobile payment as an example, from 1.674 billion in 2013 to 60.531 billion five years later, the frequency of payment has increased 36 times, and financial services are convenient to serve every corner of life; The second is wisdom, from the operation, risk control and decision-making of banks to consumers enjoying warm and active financial services, from experience driven to data-driven smart finance. Now China's banking industry has achieved one minute loan application and issuance through big data analysis and traditional credit reporting. Cao Chong, President of BG financial system Department of Huawei, said: the reform and development of the financial industry cannot be separated from the technical support represented by big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. Building an open and distributed architecture driven by data and enabled by AI is the inevitable choice for financial institutions to win in the future

at present, most banks face three major challenges in the process of realizing data value: the first is multi-dimensional data access, the second is data fusion analysis, and the third is the poor use of data. In the face of the above challenges, Huawei smart financial data solution provides three parts: intelligent data infrastructure layer, integrated data Lake platform layer and data and business enabling layer, ensuring that from data access, data fusion analysis to data service enabling upper applications, a complete set of financial integrated data Lake solutions enable business innovation and help banks achieve precision marketing, real-time risk control and agile operations. Huawei's intelligent financial data solution has helped Chinese financial institutions achieve many innovative scenario applications, such as helping a best retail bank achieve intelligent real-time risk control, and intercepting suspicious transactions worth more than 1billion yuan a year; Help an insurance company to intelligently identify suspicious fraud cases, and reduce fraud cases by more than 50%

Zhu Shang, deputy general manager of Southeast Asia Business Department of China soft international MNC business group, focused on sharing the joint plan with Huawei, and pointed out that based on this plan, a leading bank in Southeast Asia has carried out joint innovation and testing in multiple scenarios such as smart service push and real-time risk control. It is expected that the results of these joint innovations on February 4 and 5 will be officially launched for commercial use in 2019. As an important milestone in the cooperation between Huawei and China soft international in the financial industry in Southeast Asia, Mr. Zhu Shang stressed that the upcoming commercial case in Malaysia will set a successful benchmark for other financial enterprises in the Southeast Asian market. In the coming years, more Southeast Asian financial enterprises will enjoy the improvement of user experience, business efficiency, profit growth and cost savings brought by Huawei and China soft international. In the future, banks must pay more attention to the financial scene, and also cannot do without the support of data service providers and integrated data lake to realize unbounded smart financial services. The era of AI finance is coming

the joint scheme of Huawei and ChinaSoft international has three differentiated value advantages: integration, intelligence and high efficiency, helping banks redefine the financial integration data lake, analyze data in a more real-time and intelligent manner, and accelerate the realization of data value and digital transformation

huawei connect 2019, as Huawei's self-organized global annual flagship Conference for ICT industry, was grandly held in Shanghai from September 18 to 20, 2019. With the theme of jointly creating a new height of intelligence, this conference aims to build an open, cooperative and shared platform to discuss with customer partners how to seize new opportunities and create a smart future. For more details, see: IC_ source=corp_ event2_ Hc2019

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