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The 2011 China International Fine Chemicals investment and financing forum was held in Shanghai from November 21 to 22. It was learned from the forum that, as an emerging field with the most vitality and development potential in the chemical industry, fine chemicals is one of the hot spots that investors pay attention to at present. In the overall investment direction of fine chemical industry, the new chemical materials industry is the most promising

zhaojungui, vice president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, pointed out at the forum that during the "12th Five Year Plan", vigorously developing the fine chemical industry will greatly promote the transformation and upgrading of China's petroleum and chemical industry and accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries

Zhang Fang, director of fine chemicals division of petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, said that the priority investment direction in fine chemicals is new chemical materials, followed by fine chemicals in new fields, while there are relatively few investment opportunities in traditional fine chemicals, mainly in optimizing product structure. New chemical materials are not only an important strategic emerging industry, but also an important supporting industry for the development of other strategic emerging industries and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. As a whole, new chemical materials are still in the market growth period, and some fields are even in the market introduction period. In this field, priority should be given to increasing the total amount, taking into account the optimization of the structure, that is, first make up for the lack of supply, and accelerate the optimization and upgrading of the product structure in the field with a good development foundation, such as the field of fluorosilicone materials with resource advantages

xujingsheng, deputy chief engineer of China Chemical Industry Economic and Technological Development Center, said that during the "12th Five Year Plan", new chemical materials should vigorously develop new functional materials such as rare earth functional materials and high-performance membrane materials, actively develop advanced structural materials such as engineering plastics, improve the development level of high-performance fibers such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and their composites, and carry out nano, superconducting Research on common basic materials such as intelligence. It is understood that in 2010, the self-sufficiency rate of domestic new chemical materials was only 55% ~ 60%. 12. In order to solve this contradiction, Nanjing Metro, based on the experience of Beijing Tianjin Intercity, after careful investigation and research, took the lead in deciding to adopt a new type of constant tension spring to compensate your household electricity. It may no longer rely entirely on the power supply of the power station to replace the ratchet automatic compensation device, so as to meet the requirements of the environment. During the period of "5", new chemical materials were listed as the focus of the development of the chemical industry, Strive to achieve a domestic self-sufficiency rate of more than 80% for new chemical materials by 2015

for the development of fine chemical industry in new fields, Zhang Fang believes that two major goals should be focused during the "12th Five Year Plan": first, the overall market self-sufficiency rate should be increased from about 70% in 2009 to more than 85% in 2015; In areas that rely heavily on imports, such as electronic chemicals, the market self-sufficiency rate has increased by more than 1/2 from about 1/3 at present. Second, the proportion of environmentally friendly products has been greatly increased, and high-risk non environmentally friendly products have been basically eliminated; The proportion of high-performance products has been greatly increased to match the upgrading of downstream products

zhengfangpao, chief chemical industry analyst of Industrial Securities Research Institute, said that there are often greater opportunities for fine chemicals and new materials industries to improve their process routes and transform from existing products to related new fields. The bridge needs a very low depth

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