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Wuxi introduced new packaging technology for tea preservation

due to the strong timeliness and seasonality of green tea production, it is difficult to ensure that green tea is fresh all year round. Wuxi Jiangnan University Science Park launched the "Changsheng Buddha" room temperature fresh-keeping green tea produced with new technology

it is reported that if the newly purchased spring tea is not preserved properly, the aroma will dissipate, the color will turn yellow and the aging will deteriorate. However, the newly bought new tea can also "taste" simply by saving the results in the database and putting them in the refrigerator for refrigeration. At present, cold storage is widely used to preserve green tea at home and abroad. Although it plays an obvious role in commercial storage and transportation, it still can not solve the problem of green tea preservation at room temperature. Wuxi Jiangnan University Science Park adopts the physical electromagnetic field dormancy technology to inhibit the activities of various oxidase in green tea and prevent the oxidation of effective components. At the same time, the traditional packaging should be reformed to avoid the loss of aroma components and flavor of green tea. Without any additives, the fresh-keeping effect of green tea can be achieved at room temperature. This technology has been appraised by domestic experts at the end of 2003 and applied for a national patent

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