Why conflict between Russia and Ukraine matters to

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Why conflict between Russia and Ukraine matters to Australia - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

On the surface, one might be tempted to think what is happening between Russia and the Ukraine is simple: A bully is picking on a small neighbourThe government will relax restrictions.

What is really happening is much more complicated and far more important than that – even to AustraliaThe lock open. Once inside.

So, let’s start by figuring out what is Russia doing and why is it doing it?. I stress here that the West needs to understand Vladimir PutinNews Today || Canada News |, but not necessarily agree with him, if policy response settings are to be right.

To get some context, think back to the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s. Were the Americans right to object to the Soviets (read Russians) threatening military equipment in America’s back yard? The Australian Government certainly thought so, and most Western governments supported Kennedy in the nuclear stand-off with Khrushchev (more on Khrushchev later)The pandemic, as numbers have been o.

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