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New era commodity packaging

today's era has completely bid farewell to the shortage of commodities. As the times require, supermarkets originated in the United States in the last century have completely replaced the original counter sales and become popular all over the world. In the huge supermarket, there are a wide range of goods, competing for wonders. Consumers are left to go back and forth, dizzying. According to the survey results of Western authoritative business institutions, people {in supermarkets, the attention to commodities is only 0.2 seconds. The packaging concept of protecting commodities and beautifying commodities based on the aesthetic likes and dislikes of business owners in history is far from meeting the requirements of the new era. How to surprise the public in 0.2 seconds, fall in love at first sight, arouse consumer interest, and lead to purchasing behavior is the goal of today's packaging design. We must keep pace with the times in design concepts and theories. Continuous innovation must be carried out And innovation

1 transform the design concept. Based on people-oriented

Ford said in the 20th century when it was founded. There are thousands of colors that customers need, and we only have one kind of black.. At that time, business owners occupied a dominant and dominant position in the whole advertising process. It was an era of business owners. In today's era, we continue to highlight the subjective needs and motives of advertisers, ignore the dynamic role of the public, and rely on subjective imagination. Persuade ". influence., It must fail

when designing creatively today, designers must find out who the products are sold to. It is a positioning design with the theme of specific consumer groups of products. Consumer groups can be divided by age, gender, country, culture, class and other aspects. Different products face different consumer groups. Therefore, the design can only think about the specific consumer groups faced by the products, shorten the distance between products and consumers, produce a sense of affinity, and comprehensively meet the functional and psychological needs of consumers

2 actively participate in the shaping of brand image and personality

in fact, due to the fierce competition between international and domestic enterprises, the differences in products and marketing methods between similar enterprises are becoming smaller and smaller, the homogeneity between brands is becoming larger and larger, and consumers use less rationality when choosing brands. Therefore, it is much more important to describe the image of brands than to emphasize the specific functional characteristics of products, Advanced industrial countries attach great importance to the establishment and maintenance of product brand image

in the packaging design, always pay attention to the consistency with the brand image. On the one hand, the packaging of goods is a link of brand building. The packaging of goods and various advertising activities together shape the unique image and personality of the brand. On the other hand, the packaging of goods is a part of the brand image. When consumers are looking at a commodity, it will immediately trigger the association of the brand image of the commodity, and the power of the brand will undoubtedly appear. Consumers either buy out of trust in the brand, or out of admiration for the brand, or out of the special psychological needs of the brand, which has taken the lead in exploring the field of new energy vehicles

3 the form and form of packaging should meet the requirements of the times

the application of packaging materials should keep pace with the times. The oldest packaging form is single piece packaging. With the development of the times, the development of packaging forms will continue to deepen. At present, the sales packaging of goods in the international market is developing in the direction of portability, ease of use, safety and hygiene. Its characteristics are:

small and portable. In the high-speed modern society, the competition for goods is fierce, and a certain detail often determines the shopping orientation of consumers. Therefore, the packaging specifications of goods should be diversified, and the structure should be light and portable

convenient for exhibition. Commodities should adapt to the sales environment. Nowadays, the main body of the point of sale is supermarkets. Commodities are displayed on shelves in a stacked manner, and promotional activities are often held in the process of sales with great development value. Therefore, packaging design should focus on stacked packaging or hanging packaging

visible and easy to use. After the commodity is packed, it can show the form or characteristics and color of the commodity, and it is easy to unpack

safe and hygienic. Packaging materials that are soft, tough and not afraid of collision and extrusion should be selected. In order to pay attention to hygiene, disposable packaging is increasing, and inflatable packaging of fresh food is also increasing

the early form of packaging was aimed at practicality and economy. Packaging modeling emphasized the practical value of protecting products. Achieving the best effect with the lowest consumption was the basic requirement of packaging modeling design, and it was also the criterion of other human activities. Therefore, this universal economic law should be kept in mind when designing packaging shapes. This is the basic point of packaging modeling. With the improvement of economic level, people {the door has higher and higher requirements for aesthetics, which is reflected in the following characteristics in the form design of packaging:

pay attention to Aesthetics: the appearance beauty of packaging modeling is the basic condition to meet people's spiritual needs, which is one of the means to promote commodity sales. Today's people not only require real and cheap goods, but also hope to feel the enjoyment of beauty from commodity modeling and packaging, so that they can feel comfortable. Designers must always grasp this psychology to complete Packaging modeling design activities

emphasize originality: that is, the personalization of packaging modeling. Creativity should also be emphasized when designing packaging modeling. It is one of the means to meet people's personalized requirements, because personalization can best reflect people's self-worth

4 packaging design should develop nationalized personality style

nationalization, according to the traditional understanding, is localization, is a folk image that does not cross national boundaries. Based on this understanding, the formal concept of national style specific to packaging should be understood from two aspects. (1) It is a traditional packaging form, packaging materials with local characteristics, and traditional aesthetic concepts. For example, Shandong, Henan and other places in China use bags made of corn skins to pack wine bottles, Fujian has a kind of tea packaged with bamboo shoots, and Shaoxing's flower carving wine jar has distinctive local characteristics and aesthetic interest; (2) Nationalization is understood as modern aesthetic taste under the influence of different regions, different national habits, and cultural background. For example, the Japanese packaging design is delicate and soft, and the color is elegant. The American packaging is rich and atmospheric, the French packaging is very romantic, and the British packaging is rigorous and deep. Both left a deep impression on consumers. If China wants to develop from a big trading country to a powerful trading country, in addition to improving scientific and technological innovation, it is also urgent to strengthen the packaging creativity of commodities and improve the brand image. While China provides the best products in the world, it also allows consumers all over the world to experience rich Chinese customs

a prominent feature of modern design is to pay attention to the application of new materials. The development of science and technology promotes the renewal and progress of materials. The concept of consumers seeking innovation and change puts forward the requirements for the continuous development of packaging materials. Packaging designers must always pay attention to the expansion and application of high-tech materials in the packaging field, especially some materials with great development potential. For example, nano packaging materials, metal matrix composites, biopolymer materials, organosilicon and fluorine materials, new plastics and plastic alloys, metal foils and special-shaped carbon nanotube fiber materials available are only a few materials

6 packaging design should have the awareness of green environmental protection

with the development of human society, people attach great importance to environmental pollution and combustible crisis. Awareness of environmental protection has become a world trend. Packaging designers must consider: what is the pollution to the environment in the process of producing packaging materials and packaging containers, and the impact on the environment in the process of packaging, consumption and circulation

in terms of material use, it is required to use more biodegradable and recycled materials for packaging. In terms of visual expression, influenced by the theme of green design, designers should put forward the design direction that less is beauty, advocate the application of concise, lively and allegorical symbols in various product packaging, impress consumers through simple packaging shape and vessel design, and oppose over design J. It is the duty and conscience of designers to study and create green packaging that is conducive to the environment and human beings

in 1972, the United Nations issued a declaration on the human environment, which opened the curtain of the world green revolution. In 19753, Germany took the lead in launching the green recycling mark for product packaging. This sign is a circular pattern composed of green arrow and white arrow. The double color arrow indicates that the product or package is green and can be recycled, which meets the requirements of ecological peace and environmental protection. In the following ten years, all countries in the world attach great importance to green packaging. Under the impact of revolutionary ideas brought by the green wave, countries around the world have promulgated various relevant guidelines, policies and regulations. Now the packaging with recycling marks has occupied the vast majority in the market of European and American countries. Nowadays, a designer's design ability is often measured by his emphasis on environmental factors in design; The level of packaging design in a country depends on the popularity of recycled packaging in the market

7 conclusion

design changes with the times. What meets people's psychological needs and benefits people is good design. As long as Chinese packaging designers can grasp the pulse and needs of the development of the times, they can design packages that surprise consumers and fall in love at first sight


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