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Business thinking of unmanned electromechanical inspection

business thinking of unmanned electromechanical inspection

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original title: business thinking of unmanned electromechanical inspection

business background introduction


high voltage scale

by the end of 2015, China's high voltage mileage was close to 1.1 million kilometers. Among them, the national electricity is about 820000 kilometers, more than 40000 35kV to ± 800kV transmission lines have been put into operation, 144000 kilometers of 500kV and above lines, and more than 670000 kilometers of 500kV and below lines. More than 13000 35kV to ± 800kV transmission lines with various voltage levels have been put into operation in Nanfang power, with more than 250000 kilometers. 43000 kilometers of 500kV and above lines, and more than 210000 kilometers of 500kV and below lines


current situation of transmission operation and maintenance

national power and southern power were established in 2002. Since then, China's power construction has opened the prelude to rapid development

taking Nanfang power as an example, the asset scale of 110kV and above transmission lines has grown rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 9.6%, and the total asset value has exceeded 200 billion yuan, accounting for about 29% of the total asset value. The East-West span of all overhead transmission lines is 2000 kilometers, and the altitude span is 4300 meters, of which more than 80% of the lines are located in mountainous and mountainous areas far away from cities and towns, far away from traffic trunk lines and sparsely populated, and the special patrol of Tewei lines is required, accounting for 20% of the total lines. The operation inspection of transmission lines is difficult and the quality requirements are high

however, the average annual growth rate of the existing transmission line inspection personnel of Nanfang power is less than 3%, and the shortage of personnel at the end of 2015 is as high as 34%. In addition, the traditional manual inspection mode has prominent problems in poor inspection effect, high labor cost and low work efficiency, which can no longer meet the new requirements of electric inspection. This represents the current situation of power operation and maintenance in China


new mode of transmission inspection

with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the addition of molybdenum in high-resolution visible light camera (camera), three-dimensional laser radar scanning equipment, infrared thermal imager, ultraviolet imager and multispectral imager has increased the depth of the hardened layer to 1.5 times the original, and other detection equipment has enriched the means of transmission line inspection. Especially in recent years, the gradual liberalization of China's policies in the field of navigation, coupled with the rapid progress of UAV flight platform technology, has effectively promoted the implementation of helicopter and UAV carrying special sensor loads to patrol the transmission line, and promoted the transformation of transmission line patrol mode from manual patrol mode to helicopter and UAV patrol mode

compared with traditional manual patrol inspection, helicopter and UAV patrol inspection has the characteristics of high efficiency, good quality and less affected by terrain conditions. It is an important means for transmission line management to develop in a more efficient, refined and economic direction. For this reason, all power companies are actively exploring a new mode of machine patrol + man patrol collaborative inspection


practical results of aircraft patrol

1 Guodian

capital general aviation company was acquired by Guodian in 2009, and Guodian General Aviation Co., Ltd. was born on this basis. From this, Guodian has a service platform that can provide professional helicopter electric operation, which is conducive to carrying out infrastructure construction, scientific experiments, electric operation and maintenance, emergency rescue and other businesses

Guotong aviation company has developed rapidly since its establishment, and the number of helicopters has increased from 6 in the initial stage to 27. It can carry out helicopter external load flight (live maintenance, live water washing, infrastructure construction), UAV Air Patrol (helicopter/UAV power line patrol, laser scanning), tower construction, scientific experiments, emergency rescue and other operations

in terms of unmanned aerial vehicles, in April 2013, State Grid selected 10 units as pilot units, and through more than two years of unmanned aerial vehicle patrol pilot, it was fully promoted and implemented in 2015. In July 2017, CCTV made a special report on the Tibet China power grid project, which is the most complex and challenging plateau power transmission and transformation project in the history of China's power construction by using UAV traction rope to leap over the natural danger of Nujiang River

2. Through years of research and practice, the patrol operation of Nanfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. has made remarkable progress. In December 2013, the Party group of the company made an important deployment of "gradually promoting the inspection of transmission line machines throughout the country". In the next two years, the whole helicopter patrolled 92000 kilometers and 185000 towers, and the error decreased with the increase of load, with a total operation of 5681 hours

in terms of unmanned aerial vehicles, the first multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicle competition was launched in 2014. In 2015, the multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicles were fully promoted, and the standard system was issued. In 2016, the company undertook the requirements of the "13th five year plan" to improve the efficiency and quality of electrical inspection. At present, there are more than 1000 unmanned aerial vehicles of various models, with a total of tens of thousands of patrols, which are mainly used to carry out line acceptance, special patrol, fault point search and other work, and have received good results, providing a strong guarantee for the safe and stable operation of transmission lines

in the ranking of the world's fortune 500 in 2017, the State Grid Corporation of China continues to be the second best, and southern power is also in the top 100. The huge electricity stock assets contain huge business opportunities


unmanned electromechanical inspection industry

it is in this context that the unmanned electromechanical inspection industry has developed rapidly. No matter the manufacturer of UAV flight platform, or the manufacturer of UAV sensor, or UAV service company, or venture capital company, they all aim at this rapidly developing emerging industry. Because it is an emerging industry, it will face many uncertainties while facing huge development opportunities

in the coming days, laver king will work with you to analyze the macro environment, industry environment and internal environment of the unmanned electromechanical inspection industry, think about the analysis and selection, implementation and guarantee of the strategy of the unmanned electromechanical inspection company, and explore the impact of new technology on the industry reform and the feasibility of forming new business opportunities in the traditional power industry

high voltage level power scale

strategy derived from Greek στρατηγία strat ē GIA refers to a high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under uncertain conditions. Militarily, it can be understood as a comprehensive method to seek political goals in military conflicts. Today, we will talk about the level of enterprise strategic planning, the basic theory of enterprise competitive strategy and the basic process of competitive strategic planning of UAV power inspection company


levels of enterprise strategic planning

for enterprises, strategy can be planned at three levels: company level strategy, function level strategy and business level strategy

company level strategy

is the overall strategic outline of an enterprise, which is mainly used to determine the mission and vision of the enterprise. Common corporate strategies include integration strategy, diversification strategy, outsourcing strategy and strategic alliance

business level strategy

(or business division strategy) is a strategy formulated to enable enterprises to achieve better results in a specific business field and win competitive advantage. The competitive strategy we will focus on later belongs to the business strategy of the company

functional level strategy

is a supporting strategy designed to ensure the smooth implementation of corporate level strategy and business level strategy by functional departments. The common human resource strategy, financial strategy, procurement strategy, R & D strategy and brand strategy all belong to the functional level strategy


overview of competitive strategy

competition is the soul of market economy. Without competition, there will be no market economy. In essence, there are many similarities between competition and war among enterprises. Only when enterprises formulate and implement the correct strategy and use it to create value, can they obtain their own competitive advantage

Generally speaking, there are two theories to explore the source of competitive advantage of enterprises: one is industrial analysis theory, which emphasizes the role of external market power of enterprises; The other is the theory of enterprise capability, which emphasizes the role of internal factors. Michael Porter's industrial analysis is the representative of the front, and the "enterprise resource-based theory" and "enterprise capability based theory" developed in the 1980s are the representatives of the latter

it can be said that Michael Porter's competitive strategy has the greatest influence on the research and analysis of enterprise competitive strategy. He believes that competitive power comes from competitive strategy and forms competitive advantage with it (Porter, 2014). He also puts forward three competitive strategic ideas: total cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy and centralization strategy

as the "father of competitive strategy", Michael Porter's "competitive strategy" theory has been or is being deeply studied by most countries and enterprises around the world. His academic achievements have also been listed as official and important topics of discussion by domestic economic conferences in the United States and many world economic academic forums. The following will briefly introduce the three competitive strategic ideas he put forward:

total cost leadership strategy

"total cost leadership strategy" requires enterprises to strictly control the costs of enterprises, including management, R & D, service, marketing and other aspects, so as to form a high-efficiency and large-scale production mode. In order to achieve the goal of leading the total cost, enterprises need to occupy a high market share, have strong supply chain management ability, effective and strict internal cost management ability and product design convenient for production and manufacturing

take Dajiang innovation company as an example, its aerial photographing UAV occupies 70% of the market share in the global aerial photographing field of UAVs. At the same time, it also has strong supply chain management ability, can effectively control costs, and has strong technical reserves, complete product system, short replacement cycle of new products, so it has an absolute competitive advantage in the aerial photographing field of UAVs. However, we should realize that the strategy of Dajiang company is a combination of boxing, and cost leadership is only one of them

differentiation strategy

"differentiation strategy" requires the company to provide unique products and services, which are different from those of other companies. It is a positive strategy that enables the company to win high profits in the industry. However, the implementation of differentiation strategy often needs to pay a high cost, because even if customers in the industry understand the differentiation characteristics of the company, payment behavior may not occur

taking French parrot company as an example, its products not only provide mainstream aerial photography UAVs, but also produce multispectral camera sensors that can monitor the rise of crops, providing a complete solution for precision agriculture, so as to realize the differentiation of products and services

centralized strategy

"centralized strategy" requires focusing on a special customer group or a segment of the market. The specific performance can be to meet the needs of special customers, or to achieve low cost when serving a certain customer, or both. By implementing the centralization strategy, the company can serve a certain market object more efficiently and more attentively, so as to surpass other competitors in the industry and bring more profits than the average level of the industry

take Jifei technology as an example, it is a high-tech UAV company committed to changing the current situation of China's agriculture. The business of the company has been focusing on the service market of agricultural plant protection. Around the product line P20, the company has established a product group with clear brand goals, and has become an industry benchmark in the field of UAV plant protection

through the two dimensions of competitive advantage and market scope, a competitive strategy matrix is formed:


basic process of competitive strategy planning

enterprises need to choose a competitive strategy suitable for themselves based on the strategic objectives and strategic advantages they want to achieve. The following is the competitive strategy of UAV power inspection company

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