The weekly output of the hottest North glass coate

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The weekly output of North glass coated glass exceeded 40000 square meters

recently, it was learned from the coated glass company that the weekly output of North glass coated glass reached 41000 square meters! Beige coated glass company was founded in October 2008. In this short half year, it has reached a weekly production of 41000 square meters, indicating that the coated glass company has successfully passed the running in period of skilled production and stable operation of equipment in the "1025" emerging strategic industry plan, and the coated glass produced by Beige has entered a mature production stage, The coating line independently developed by North glass has also successfully withstood the test of the market. I believe that coated glass companies will also usher in a golden age of their own sales in the near future

so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the use or accurately measuring the length of the Yellow bullet under a specific experimental force, but can achieve the same or higher intensity

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