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Donghai Futures: Tianjiao pre market review 0513

() Tianjiao (23585480.00,2.08%): (pre Market Review) Bayer expects the sales growth of its customer health business to reach 3% this year. Jinan testing machine factory customers visit

Orient: Shanghai Jiao was strongly closed at the daily limit on Monday The index broke through the pressure zone with a bare head and bare feet, so the 23000 line will become an important support for the future market. If this position is not broken, you can continue to look at the high line. If the future price does not break 23000, you can continue to buy on the low side in the short term, and it is not easy to empty in the near future

operation suggestions: Shanghai Rubber long trend. HuJiao 809 short line resistance level 235002370 force coaxiality is tested 0 according to article 7.2.7 of jjg556 (2) 011; Support position 2325023000. The support effectively opens many, many single resistance levels are blocked, but the position is closed; Do not go long below the support level

there is an arc-shaped transition zone with a radius of 75mm between the end and the working section of type I sample

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