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Donghai Futures: Tianjiao pre Market Review 1204

East: on Monday, Shanghai Jiao continued to follow the system and the manager fell with TOCOM rubber, but the decline was not as good as that of Japan Jiao. The opening price of hj0803 was 21850, the highest was 22010, the lowest was 21505, and the closing price was 21575. In terms of technical graphics, Shanghai rubber is stronger than Japan rubber, but it still shows a downward trend. In terms of operation, it is mainly short at high prices

limitless: as of December 3, the position status of Tokyo rubber market. The computer screen of the top three main bulls showed the experimental force and the net position rate of the experimental curve was 21.15%, and the net position rate of the top three main bears was 22.97%, with 35327 positions

Tokyo rubber futures fell sharply on Monday. Depressed by the weakness of energy and precious metal futures, the market fell below the closely watched resistance level of 270 yen, causing a large number of stop loss selling. Tokyo traders said that the fundamental outlook is biased towards bad, because Thailand is close to the peak production season, but today's selling may be excessive, and it is expected to rebound slightly on Tuesday, but traders expect that if there is no new 200kn tensile testing machine, it will be able to purchase it directly? Although it is impossible, the market will trade within the range of yen in the next few days

Shanghai Jiaotong fluctuated, with 22100 short-term resistance and 21300 support in March. The short-term shock is weak, and it is recommended to focus on the short-term in the day

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