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Abstract: through the discussion of the artistry of packaging container modeling and its role in commodity circulation, this paper discusses the relationship between the artistry of packaging container modeling and the culture and interest of commodities, promotes the management of key enterprises in petrochemical and surface coating industries, and expounds that cultural value other than use value is an important factor and marketing means of today's commodity value

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with the increasing enrichment of social material wealth and the improvement of people's cultural literacy, people's consumption psychology and demand concept have undergone profound changes. When people buy goods, they not only pay attention to the use value and price of goods, but also pay great attention to the added value of goods that are enhanced by the aesthetic value, emotional value, social value and other cultural values of goods and packaging. As the Japanese God of management Matsushita Yukiko said: in today's society, the era of purely using product performance to meet sensory function needs has long passed, and beauty must be added to use, This is a cultural standard of 'beauty' and a general trend of consumption in the times. " Therefore, while considering the practical functions of protecting commodities, facilitating storage and transportation, and promoting sales, commodity packaging design should pay more attention to the modeling of packaging containers, the selection of materials, the frequent use of drawing machines for pattern soft packaging, decoration, color application and other means of expression. Make the container shape show its independent value on the premise of function and purpose

container modeling, as a packaging form, plays an important role in connecting the preceding and the following and emotional progression between product packaging and products. It plays a lasting charm that cannot be reflected in the decoration of outer packaging, so that commodity containers have artistic value that other packaging does not have

1 improve the value of goods

Peter Salman, a German marketing psychologist, has a famous saying that people buy things with their eyes. According to psychological research, 83% of the external information people receive by feeling comes from eyes, 11% from hearing, 3.5% from smell, 1.5% through touch, and 1% from taste or taste. Therefore, whether the container shape design is beautiful, novel and unique is particularly important. As a vessel containing products, the packaging container not only has its practicality, but also has a certain artistic charm. The charm of this kind of container lies in that it can deepen consumers' impression of the product through its own modeling, texture, color and other means, transmit product information to consumers, and arouse consumers' desire to buy, thus indirectly promoting the goods. It is precisely because of this characteristic of the packaging container that it has the value of continuous use. After the use of many wines and cosmetics, their containers are often placed at home by consumers as ornamental decorations for display, and even as a collection

for specific commodities such as cosmetics, its container shape reflects this aesthetic characteristic. Because the main feature of cosmetics is its highly attractive appearance and unique container shape, among which perfume is the most representative. If the shape of perfume container is too general, even if the fragrance of perfume is extremely fragrant and intoxicating, it will not attract customers because of its "mediocre" appearance, resulting in problems in product sales. Therefore, the importance of containers for the value creation of cosmetics is even higher than the product itself to some extent. In foreign countries, in order to make a brand and occupy the market, any new cosmetics will generally hire famous designers to design containers, so that they have a distinctive temperament and become highly artistic and ornamental goods, so as to attract consumers. All this shows that the formal beauty of art can form a "psychological isomorphism" between designers and consumers only through the emotional concept and psychological effect formed by the form itself. Through this psychological isomorphism, we can strengthen the appeal of art forms. If the designer has no aesthetic cultural foundation, it is difficult to create a perfect aesthetic function and aesthetic value embodied in the commodity packaging in the design

2 reflect the cultural connotation of goods

Edward Taylor of Britain American Auburn hengens, they express culture as "Culture is a complex body, including human 4t`7~u made objects, knowledge, beliefs, art, morality, law, customs, as well as the abilities and habits learned from society. In short, culture is the creation of nature. Compared with cosmetics, alcohol products rely more on containers, and inorganic hard thermal insulation products. Technical specification for micro vibration measurement on the site CECS 74:95 method gb/t5486.1 (5) 486.3 (2) 001 is obvious. Generally speaking, alcohol production is obvious Products have more cultural characteristics (regional customs, product history, brewing technology, etc.), and these cultural characteristics are transmitted to consumers through the medium of container modeling, which enables consumers to get rid of the cultural background and unique meaning of alcohol through the appearance, color, graphics, etc. of the container. Therefore, the artistry of the container is very important for wine products, and it has become an integral part of wine packaging. Container modeling not only shows its artistic charm, but also includes different cultural backgrounds in the design, so that consumers can not only consume materials, but also understand deeper things

because people's way of thinking is deeply influenced by national culture, different societies, different environments and different knowledge structures bring obvious differences between people and nations. Take yellow as an example, the East represents dignity and beauty, while Western Christianity regards it as disgrace; Red symbolizes warmth, auspiciousness and positivity in the East, while sacrifice in the West. As far as packaging materials are concerned, foreign packaging containers prefer to use glass, metal, plastic and other materials with high technological content and strong craftsmanship, with exquisite workmanship. Chinese packaging containers are mostly made of natural materials, such as bamboo, wood, paper, ceramics, etc., which are simple and natural, and more intimate than metal and plastic. It can be seen that human nature, local flavor and natural flavor in traditional packaging culture provide a richer source for our design. "The painted pottery style of kongfujia wine reflects the traditional national style and artistic characteristics of northern China; the Jingde white orchid porcelain bottle of Jiannanchun wine has elegant shape and delicate color, which reflects the regional characteristics of the South; the musical instrument chime shape of Zhanggong wine is classical and elegant, which vividly shows the charm of ancient Chinese music art. These wine products have deep cultural heritage because of their artistic container shape Loved by consumers. Nowadays, many consumers buy wine not for tasting, but for collecting their wine containers. The value creation of container modeling on alcohol products can be seen here

3 add interest to commodities

the shape of commodity packaging containers not only meets people's aesthetic needs, but also produces an aesthetic psychological effect. When consumers watch the shape of commodity packaging containers, their internal feelings tend to be happy and improved, producing meaningful psychological activities such as kindness, comfort, lightness, pleasure, dignity, calm, safety, freedom, vitality and so on. " The process of human aesthetic activities includes two aspects: the object and the subject. Beauty first comes from the nature or things (container modeling) as the object, but it is also related to the aesthetic needs and aesthetic mood of the subject (human). It is the product of the combination of the two. It is a relationship between the attribute of the object and the aesthetic needs and aesthetic mood of the subject. " French Shimo perfume, whose glass bottle manufacturer Saint gobe provided a slim girl with a bottle cap like a fashion hat. Such a beautiful and lovely bottle shape, consumers will definitely stop for it, and it is difficult to give up. From the beautiful appearance to the internal goods, it is also perfect, and in turn, they have a strong desire to buy goods. Of course, this doll like artistic interest not only depends on the reduction of the volume, but also combines with the rich imagination, creativity and sensitivity of the image it grasps. The combination of exaggerated and deformed artistic techniques and special technological treatment will produce special aesthetic interest and receive good artistic effects. We are familiar with the container shape of Napoleon wine series. The bottle cap is a representative Napoleon's hat, and the bottle body is a hardcover book shape. The deep red and blue with gold, steady and atmospheric, gives people a king's style

modern people live in a fast-paced society, and life and mentality urgently need the harmony of aesthetic tastes. Humorous and even funny design techniques are adopted in the container modeling, and the relaxed, lively, optimistic and funny modeling is used to attract people's attention and interest. Let the product brighten in the plain and increase its interest in the ordinary. The interest of goods must conform to the connotation of products and culture, meet the appreciation taste of consumers, and increase its artistic appreciation for the whole package, so as to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Therefore, paying attention to the artistry of packaging container modeling, so as to make products invincible in the commodity competition, is a subject that every business must attach great importance to

4 Conclusion

the future container packaging design should give full play to the supporting role of cultural elements such as modern science and technology, moral psychology, aesthetic consciousness, marketing strategy and so on. Excavate and extract new design vocabulary from the internal cultural heritage and external social environmental factors of products and packaging. Through comprehensive understanding of "meaning" and "making" images, the application of scientific and technological achievements is well combined with artistic creativity, so as to design container shapes that consumers like and the public miss, and improve the added value of commodity packaging

author/Qin Chunxiao [1] Feng Yi [2]

[1] Nanchang Institute of Aeronautical Technology [2] Jiangxi Normal University of science and technology

source: Packaging Engineering

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