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Donghai Futures: Tianjiao pre Market Review 0111

East: Shanghai Jiao continued yesterday's short period on Thursday, and the coke market continued to slow down to seek support. The main contract 0805 opened 24500, rose to 25600, reached the lowest of 24250, closed 24375, fell 295 yuan/ton, and closed 76476 hands. Taking into account the two ways of load application in the experimental process, the position increased by 2982 hands to 45602 hands. From the perspective of technical graphics, the upward trend of Shanghai Jiao has not changed, and it can be long on the 24200 line and stop losing 24000. Emergency braking can be carried out in case of emergency

Liu Yun: Tokyo will be closed on Monday 14th

on Thursday, Tokyo rubber rose and fell, and the futures price continued to consolidate and adjust the trend; The latest price in June today is 296.3; Asian spot rubber was flat, while Indonesia and Malaysia were closed on public holidays, dampening trading interest in other regional markets. The company in Shanghai followed the direction pointed out by GE Honglin and adjusted with Tokyo Jiao in March, but it was still above the medium-term upward trend line, with short-term support of 23200 and resistance of 24500 in March. In terms of operation, it is technically in a sensitive position and needs further direction guidance. For the time being, it is appropriate to see more and move less

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