Commissioning of 600000 ton methanol dimethyl ethe

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Shenning 600000 ton methanol dimethyl ether project commissioning on March 18, another key project in Shenning coal chemical industry park of Ningdong energy and chemical industry base - 600000 ton/year methanol dimethyl ether project was successfully commissioned at one time. After 72 hours of operation, the gasification unit of the project is in stable working condition and meets the requirements of design parameters

in order to ensure the smooth progress of the creep problem of the aluminum cable in the commissioning of the methanol dimethyl ether project, the project preparation office has organized five times to shut down the experimental machine or the equipment to suddenly and automatically stop the proposed feeding. Shenning group organized experts to demonstrate and approve the commissioning plan for many times, and gave strong support in terms of technology, human, financial and material resources

dimethyl ether, also known as methyl ether, is a colorless gas or compressed liquid under normal pressure, with a slight ether flavor. As a new basic chemical raw material, it has many unique applications in pharmaceutical, fuel, pesticide and other chemical industries because of its good compressibility, condensation, vaporization characteristics. Among many coal chemical products, dimethyl ether is expected to stand out and become the main substitute for petroleum. At present, relevant departments are formulating the use standards of dimethyl ether as a civil fuel

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