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Vazhou group's pitch bearing won the bid of a world-renowned enterprise and gained 70% of its global supply share

recently, vazhou group participated in the bidding of pitch bearing by a world-renowned enterprise in fiscal 2018, and successfully obtained 70% of its global supply share, and its sales will increase by 69% over fiscal 2017

recently, the bearing group participated in the bidding for pitch bearings of world-renowned enterprises in fiscal 2018, successfully obtaining 70% of its global supply share, and its sales will increase by 69% over fiscal 2017

in recent years, the company has focused on wind turbine bearings and implemented a full range of development. It is the only bearing enterprise in China that has become the global strategic supplier of this world-renowned enterprise. Next, the company will continue to develop overseas wind power rubber tensile testing machine products to meet its own needs and even the needs of the world, follow up its new models and new products, quickly complete sample processing and product testing, and form batch orders as soon as possible. At the same time, we will promote and expand wind power yaw, pitch and spindle projects of other world-renowned wind turbine manufacturers, achieve small batch supply during the year, and comprehensively enhance the international influence and competitiveness of enterprises

at present, the company's Jinan testing machine talent gathering place is actively carrying out technological research, increasing investment in technological innovation, constantly breaking through core technologies, comprehensively improving the bearing quality of wind power extruder as a critical processing equipment, and realizing the expansion of the international market of wind power bearings

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