A brief analysis of polyester Market in Jiaxing an

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A brief analysis of polyester Market in Shengze and Jiaxing in one week (10..01)

it is acknowledged that polyester prices showed an upward trend last week (19-25). With the rise of polyester quotation systems, the change of market prices is particularly sensitive, showing a slight rise again. The purchase rate of polyester POY in Shengze and Jiaxing increased significantly, and the market transaction price generally increased by yuan/ton. However, the trading volume on Wednesday (28th) was slightly lower than that on Monday (26th), and the trading price was basically stable. For some products, the ex factory price of the manufacturer was higher than the market trading price. It can be seen that the rising market of conventional polyester varieties has ended

from the market trend of a week, fdy50d and 75D continue to maintain the momentum of hot sales. Driven by the popularity of short plush warp knitted fabrics in the downstream, the wire price of fdy75d is slightly yuan/t higher than that of last week, accelerating the construction progress of 36000 tons/year high-purity polysilicon industrial upgrading project; Focusing on the rise of new materials, the current central price is about 11600 yuan/t. The quotation of fdy100d and 150D market centers to speed up the cultivation of new drivers of manufacturing development also increased by 200 yuan/t, while the actual transaction price of the market was at yuan/t and Yuan/t respectively; Among them, fdy136d36f has a relatively optimistic sales trend, mainly due to the water spray Oxford moving pin. The market sales of polyester dayuoguang fdy50d and 75D are active. The above is mainly used for downstream water jet weaving to produce lightweight spinning and polyester beautiful silk fabrics. Among them, the 50D market transaction has been active since mid October. Driven by the rising demand, for example, the quotation of 48D reaches 12400 yuan/t. The quotation of DTY silk 75D, 100D and 150D centers has risen to the current 12700 yuan/t, 12100 yuan/t and 11500 yuan/t respectively. Although the price of silk has risen, the demand is general; However, in terms of dty100d/96f, 144f winding and 150d/11, domestic enterprises' superior materials and inferior 44F and 288F winding continued to sell, and the price trend also rose accordingly; During the weekend, the market entered the consolidation stage. While other products were consolidated, dty75d/144f winding sales were "unique". The central price of dty75d/75d/72f () was 13800 yuan/t (large factory goods), up about yuan/ton from the previous week. In particular, the production and sales of dty75d/72F (light) were particularly good, and the highest quotation of high-quality products in the market was 14200 yuan/t. POY silk is mainly sold in POY textured silk with Multi-f, and the transaction situation of conventional coarse denier silk is not bad. The demand for POY is general. In contrast, POY fine denier silk is sold well, such as poy15d, 26D, etc

from the analysis of current market conditions: Although the market is in the peak season, the PTA and chip prices of polyester raw materials are flat. Spinning believes that the inventory pressure of our Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. factory is not large, but there is a large amount of downstream replenishment in the early stage, and the current purchasing atmosphere is generally cautious in the wait-and-see period. Most people believe that polyester market is mainly consolidation in the short term

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