A brief analysis of polyester Market in Jiaxing an

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A brief analysis of polyester Market in Shengze and Jiaxing in one week (9.07--9.13)

in the past week, due to the decline of PTA futures, the price of polyester chips fell from 8750 yuan/t on Monday to 8500 yuan/t on the weekend. The inventory of polyester manufacturers increased, and shipments were eager to reduce the price again. Therefore, the polyester Market in Shengze and Jiaxing deteriorated, especially from September 9 to 10. (1) reinforcement should be "carried out in batches"; This year, all regions did not eliminate production capacity inspection and acceptance in accordance with the market and laws and regulations, and the steep decline increased. Once the slow decline momentum in the early stage was changed, polyester POY varieties were generally between 200-400 yuan/t, and individual specifications even fell by 500 yuan/t. From the perspective of variety trend, the central market prices of DTY silk 75D, 100D and 150D were 12600 yuan/t, 11700 yuan/t and 10800 yuan/t respectively, down 200-300 yuan/t from last weekend. For polyester POY yarn (porous), the decline this week is large. The quotation of 150d/48f and 144f centers of POY yarn on Monday is currently maintained at 9500 yuan/t and 9200 yuan/t, which is between 300-500 yuan/t lower than that of last week. It is understood that the reason for the decline of POY yarn: in addition to the decline of upstream raw materials, the substantial reduction in the purchase of POY yarn used in downstream "texturing" is also one of the reasons. The price of FDY silk also fell to varying degrees. LANXESS announced the construction of a new high-performance plastic production plant in China. Due to the poor sales of knitted warp knitted fabrics, the downstream of FDY silk 50D disrupted the operation of screws and auxiliary machines, and the demand for 50D was differentiated. The demand for 50D was significantly reduced, and the price fell by yuan/t a week; Although the downstream lining fabric sales of FDY wire 63d (thin) 68D category tend to be dynamic, the weaving enterprises are constrained by the factors of whether to buy or not. The above 63d prices fell from yuan/t on Monday to yuan/t on the weekend, and lower prices appeared; FDY silk 100D and 150D markets are far apart. Due to the large amount of downstream imitation silk scarf fabrics and the smooth flow of fabrics, the products are mainly chiffon, etc., while the 150D silk market is poor, and the transaction prices of the two silk markets fell to 10800 yuan/t and 10300 yuan/t. DTY black silk and silk prices can not escape this; The price of DTY yarn also fell, among which the slight decline of dty75d/72f was particularly obvious, and the price fell from 13500 yuan/t last week to 13100 yuan/t (too hasty), while the sales volume of DTY yarn in the whole market was relatively acceptable

from the analysis of upstream and downstream markets: the slicing of upstream raw materials continues to have a downward trend. Although the downstream cloth market has entered the peak season, the downstream grey cloth is in high difficulty, and the cautious mentality of purchasing polyester raw materials remains unchanged. It seems that the polyester market will still face a downward test. It is expected that polyester prices will further decline next week. However, according to the analysis of downstream procurement periodicity, it is estimated that there will be a covering action in the second half of the week

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