A brief analysis of food packaging machinery

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Brief analysis of food packaging machinery

with the prosperity of China's commodity economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the prospect of food packaging machinery packaging technology is very optimistic. In recent years, the state has strengthened the supervision of the quality and safety of food and drugs, and put forward new requirements for the production, processing and packaging technology of food. A number of food production enterprises have invested in the technological transformation of packaging equipment and the innovation of production technology, which has improved the level and market competitiveness of China's food industry to a certain extent. Although the level of China's food packaging machinery packaging technology has been improved, compared with developed countries, China's food packaging machinery packaging technology is still significantly weak. About 30% of the enterprises in China's packaging machinery industry have low-level repeated construction. This situation not only wastes limited funds, human resources and other important resources, but also causes disorder and chaos in the packaging machinery market committed to cooperating with customers in the whole value chain, hinders the healthy development of the industry, and restricts the calculation of small and medium-sized food enterprises in China to show that it is not the upgrading of packaging machinery in the industry and the innovation of packaging technology that generally arrives on the scene within 2 working days

China's food packaging machinery is mainly single machine, with low scientific and technological content and automation. It is rarely used in new technologies, new processes and new materials, which can not meet the requirements of the development of China's current food enterprises. For technological transformation, some food enterprises have to spend a lot of money to introduce some complete sets of food packaging production lines with advanced technology, high production efficiency and high packaging accuracy from abroad, resulting in a large part of the domestic market share being occupied by foreign brands. The development space of food packaging machinery in China is still vast, and the level of packaging technology of food packaging machinery needs to be improved

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