A beautiful azalea blooms behind the heavy weapon

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A beautiful "azalea" blooms behind the heavy equipment of a big country

a beautiful "azalea" blooms behind the heavy equipment of a big country

China Construction machinery information

she is like a blooming Azalea. With extraordinary wisdom and tenacious perseverance, she has adhered to the front line of design for more than ten years, completed nearly 100 technical problems, and has won the national most beautiful scientific and technological worker, the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Henan Province The special prize of science and technology of China Railway Engineering Corporation and the title of academic leader of Henan Province

she is wangdujuan, deputy to the 13th National People's Congress, chief engineer and professor level senior engineer of China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd

carry out the research and engineering demonstration of incombustible exterior wall insulation and decoration system with high combustion level, low smoke toxicity, good decoration effect, long service life, and insulation and decoration compatibility.

as a pioneer in the localization research of shield machines in China and an important participant in the industrialization development, Wang Dujuan has long been committed to the localization research, development and manufacturing of shield machines, It has made outstanding contributions to the localization and development of shield machines

Wang Dujuan was born in a farming family for generations. The tempering of her childhood life made her character more capable and straightforward, revealing a "unyielding" spirit in her bones. In 1997, Wang Dujuan went out of the Loess Plateau and was admitted to the engineering machinery major of the Mechanical Engineering College of Shijiazhuang Railway University. Entering the campus, she felt extremely excited and excited. However, she also gradually felt the difficulties and hardships of continuing her studies. "Because my family is poor, my four-year college tuition is all raised by my father working and my mother borrowing money. In order not to increase the burden on my family, I began to work and study since my freshman year to earn living expenses. Plus the annual scholarship, I didn't ask for any more money from my family for four years of College except tuition. In the face of difficulties, I can only choose to insist."

in July 2001, Wang Dujuan, who had the opportunity to continue her postgraduate study, chose employment in consideration of the difficulties at home and was arranged to work in China Railway Tunnel Group. Wang Dujuan, a newcomer to the workplace, didn't work well at the beginning. When I first arrived at the workshop, because I was a girl, I was often thought that a girl could not suffer. "If you continue like this, you will always be an apprentice. Who says that women are not as good as men? If you want to change others' views of yourself, you must first change your own views of yourself."

since then, there has been one less "female child" and one more "young man" in the workshop. Although she looks quiet and elegant, Wang Dujuan works like a "desperate Saburo". She followed her colleagues to drill tunnels, climb high slopes, go down wells and pits, traveled all over the cities under construction in the domestic subway, and overcome many worldwide construction problems

a 40 year old expert

in October 2002, the shield machine research and development project team of China Railway Tunnel Group was officially established, and Wang Dujuan, who has just graduated from University for more than a year, became one of the 18 members of the project team. After the R & D project was launched, Wang Dujuan and her colleagues were responsible for the third and third tasks: one thing is to look at the shield machine. They have traveled all over the country to cities with subway construction

through unremitting efforts, in April 2008, Wang Dujuan and her colleagues successfully developed China's first composite earth pressure balance shield with independent intellectual property rights. Its overall performance has reached the international advanced level, and a number of key technologies have reached the international leading level, filling the gap in this field in China. For this reason, Wang Dujuan won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of Henan Province and the special prize of science and technology of China Railway Engineering Corporation

during the development of the prototype, Wang Dujuan has been responsible for many scientific research projects, such as "research and application of key technologies of shield tunneling machine cutter head and hydraulic drive system", "development of shield control system testing bench", "development of shield machine foam system", and so on. A total of 2 national invention patents and 6 utility model patents have been applied, and the detection instruments of many projects touch on medical treatment, environmental protection Food safety and many other fields have won the Henan Provincial Science and technology achievement award, "Shenhua Cup" Central Enterprise Youth Innovation Award, and Wang Dujuan has also been awarded the title of "Henan academic leader"

in December, 2009, China railway tunnel equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established to build a platform for Wang Dujuan to realize a bigger dream. In two years, Wang Dujuan presided over and completed the design tasks of 9 hard rock shield machines for Chongqing rail transit, 17 shield machines for Chengdu Metro and 5 shield machines for Shenzhen Metro; In 2012, the design of two shield machines in Malaysia was successfully completed, realizing the dream of "China Railway shield machine" to rush out of the country and go to the world

in February 2010, Wang Dujuan was appointed as the vice president of the design and Research Institute. In addition to taking charge of the overall design and other technical work, she is also responsible for personnel, administration and other management affairs. She keeps improving her management. "Reform the existing big pot management system, implement performance appraisal, and realize that those who are capable can go up and those who are mediocre can go down". A set of benign competition mechanism has been established to stimulate the vitality of employees

at the beginning of 2011, the equipment company put forward a diversified development strategy. After work, Wang Dujuan began to think about the development plan of the Institute in the field of scientific research and development. She put forward the development plan of the Institute of "walking on two legs", and quickly carried out organizational reform in the whole institute. The development practice in the past two years has proved that this road of "crossing the river by feeling the stone" is right. Not only the quality of shield products has been continuously improved, but also the market share has been rising. Other R & D equipment has also been gradually designed and manufactured, and has been gradually pushed into the market

while rapidly occupying the domestic market, Wang Dujuan set her eyes on the foreign market. With excellent design, excellent quality and considerate service, "China shield" is gradually welcomed in the overseas market. As of January 31, 2019, China railway equipment has 9 wholly-owned subsidiaries (branches) and 9 joint ventures, with a total of 3110 human resources. The total number of shield orders is 868, and the total number of shield delivered is 784. The safe driving mileage of shield has accumulated more than 1500 kilometers. At present, China railway equipment has set up 18 manufacturing bases nationwide, with an annual production capacity of 280 shield machines. China railway equipment closely follows the national "the Belt and Road" initiative, and various products have been exported to 18 countries and regions, with nearly 50 shield/tbm equipment

in 2017, the production and sales of China Railway Equipment ranked first in the world, but what made Wang Dujuan most happy was to connect computers to realize full computer control and print standard experimental reports; One thing besides completely changing the shortcomings of the traditional material type experimental machine, such as bulkiness, complex operation and single performance: this year, the press conference of five national standards, such as the terminology and commercial specifications of full face tunnel boring machine, was held at the China railway equipment national TBM Industrialization Center. So far, Wang Dujuan has edited and participated in the compilation of 15 standards, including 5 national standards and 2 industrial standards for shield machines

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