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Brief analysis of inkjet digital printing equipment will become the mainstream of digital printing machines in the future. As we all know, traditional printing is plate printing, which mainly includes offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and silk screen printing; Digital printing is different from this. It saves 75% compared with new buildings, abolishing the links such as film production, plate making, printing and proofing. It is directly connected by a computer, which can carry out real-time calculation, transmission and printing, which not only saves time, but also improves efficiency

according to Chen Jincheng, digital printing technology mainly includes two kinds, namely electrostatic imaging technology printing and inkjet technology printing. Electrostatic imaging technology mainly uses liquid ink and toner, while inkjet is divided into on-demand inkjet and continuous inkjet

electrostatic imaging technology has a certain bottleneck in speed, mainly in narrow range, and due to the high cost of toner, the operation cost is relatively high, and it cannot be combined with traditional printing; Relatively speaking, the speed of ink-jet printing has been improved by orders of magnitude, the configuration of format and color deck is also more flexible, the cost of ink is also lower than that of toner, and it can be installed on traditional printing equipment. Therefore, we believe that ink-jet printing is the most potential printing method. Chen Jincheng said

looking at the domestic market, the traditional printing market has quietly changed, mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. With the gradual increase of the diversified demand for printing products, there are more and more printing varieties, but the batch is less and less, and the timeliness is stronger and stronger; 2. The demand for variable data has increased significantly, for example, the name, address, brand and production date of the person are variable; 3. The traditional printing process is complicated. Due to the large printing volume, it will cause a waste of raw materials such as paper, and it is also easy to lead to a serious backlog of a large number of printed products. However, there is no printing factory willing to print small quantities of printed products, which has also caused many books to be out of print since then; 4. More and more markets choose more energy-saving and environmental friendly printing methods

one digital printer can solve all the problems mentioned above. The printing capacity of digital printing machine is small, which can not only save the film, liquid medicine, plate materials required by the traditional process, but also save labor costs

purjet5200 inkjet digital printer

if three words are used to describe Shanghai Ziguang purjet5200 inkjet digital printer, Chen Jincheng, as the chief engineer, gives these three words: high quality, high efficiency and green environmental protection

at the Shanghai International Industrial Expo last year, the purjet5200 won the attention of many parties in the industry once it was exhibited. Its high quality is mainly reflected in its powerful inkjet system controller, a stable inkjet printing platform, and the transmission, deviation correction, tension, and drying systems of well-known companies; High efficiency is mainly reflected in its fast printing method. It is estimated that the printing volume of purjet5200 on black-and-white A4 paper is 2020, and that of color A4 is 1010; Green environmental protection is mainly reflected in the ink it uses. Purjiet5200 uses wake-up pigment ink, which is not only cheaper than toner, but also healthier for printing workers. Chen Jincheng said

it is understood that the purjet inkjet digital printer is currently mainly suitable for the printing of the following products: official document printing of government variable information, variable data printing of direct mail bills, on-demand book publishing, personalized commercial printing of short editions, periodical printing, etc

in terms of sales, Chen Jincheng said that the market response was good. He said: from the first launch of the equipment to the present, our typical customers include Guangxi government printing factory, Shandong Zibo century Tianhong education group, Jiangsu Phoenix publishing (formerly Jiangsu Xinhua Printing Factory), and so on. For example, in February of this year (2), we installed another purjet5200 to Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing Group in Nanjing, which is mainly used to improve the printing business of short edition books to help Phoenix publishing media group improve its inventory of books

the spring breeze turns into rain, and the national policy of horseshoe disease is at the right time

in the "development plan for the printing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period" released by the General Administration of publishing, the national call to speed up the promotion will also cause some unnecessary questions, promote technological innovation, and organize major projects of digital printing and printing digitization

(1) it will be a great trend to focus on developing products, digital printing machines, ink-jet digital green glass fiber composite materials and building materials. The R & D efforts of printing machines: in 2015, the main equipment reached the international advanced level, and the R & D of key components made a breakthrough, breaking the monopoly of imported products

(2) the catalogue of production type digital printers issued by the general office of the General Administration of publication on August 10, 2011 stipulates that production type digital printers include: sheet fed color/black-and-white digital printers and continuous paper production type color and black-and-white digital printers, which stipulate the resolution and production speed. A total of 151 production-oriented digital printing machines have been listed, such as Baochi, founder and other enterprises

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