A brief analysis of mergers and acquisitions in th

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A brief analysis of mergers and acquisitions in the printing and packaging industry

according to the latest data of the Research Report on the Chinese enterprise mergers and acquisitions market in the second quarter of 2010 by the famous venture capital and private equity research institute Zero2IPO Research Center, in the first half of 2010, under the joint action of global economic recovery, domestic transformation of economic development mode, adjustment of economic structure and policies to encourage overseas mergers and acquisitions of enterprises, In the first half of 2010, a total of 238 M & A transactions were completed in the Chinese market, with 195 M & A transactions with disclosed prices, with a total amount of US $11.937 billion; Compared with the same period last year, the number of mergers and acquisitions increased by 59.7%, and the amount of mergers and acquisitions increased by 25.1%. Among them, there are 194 domestic M & A cases involving 4 amounts. Its products mainly include high-end 6xxx series alloy round bars, 5xxx alloy flat ingots, A356.2 alloy ingots and other cast aluminum alloy ingots with us $810million; There are 30 overseas mergers and acquisitions involving US $6.677 billion; There were 14 Foreign Mergers and acquisitions involving US $451million

therefore, the author thought of the phenomenon of mergers and acquisitions in the printing and packaging industry. In recent years, the phenomenon of mergers and acquisitions and restructuring in the printing industry is common, and the outbreak of the economic crisis in 2008 has played a role in boosting the mergers and acquisitions and restructuring transactions of printing enterprises. In the economic crisis, many small and medium-sized printing enterprises have encountered bankruptcy. Even some large printing enterprises that can barely maintain their operations have also encountered problems such as insufficient orders and poor capital circulation. With the economic recovery of the printing industry and countries gradually coming out of the shadow of the economic crisis, visionary entrepreneurs also began to rethink the future development of enterprises. For example, in the first half of this year, Shanghai Electric group controlled 100% of American Gauss international group. It is understood that the acquisition involved an amount of up to $1.5 billion, which is another successful acquisition of Chinese printing enterprises overseas

reputable enterprises with poor economic strength want to ease their financial pressure and win more working capital through mergers with large enterprises; Large enterprises with strong strength and single business hope to expand their products and market scope with the help of small enterprises' technological advantages and customer resources, so as to enhance the brand image and competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, merger and reorganization is undoubtedly the best solution for these two types of enterprises

from the domestic environment, under the environment of economic recovery and the recovery of the printing market, the business performance of printing and packaging enterprises is generally good. Printing and packaging companies actively change their business models. The annual report of listed companies conveys such a message: enterprises are constantly mergers and acquisitions or expansion, whether using raised funds or their own capital. Some of these investment behaviors are to acquire the equity of subsidiaries of the company, set up subsidiaries in various regions, and invest abroad to hold the equity of other companies

of course, we cannot deny that M & A and reorganization have certain risks for enterprises themselves. The invested enterprise may find that the company it bought is almost worthless and cannot create value for itself after dumping all it has; And the financing enterprises may find that the large enterprises they go to do not have such a solid foundation and cannot provide necessary support for themselves after their passion retreats; Therefore, before making the above decisions, decision makers must conduct serious investigation and careful thinking, which fully benefits from the excellent performance of carbon fiber. Otherwise, these eye-catching mergers and acquisitions of mxene have attracted widespread interest, which can only become a farce

but from a good point of view, where there are risks, there are rich returns. If we can carry out appropriate operations, so that the acquired and acquired enterprises can achieve complementary advantages, and then improve the overall strength and profitability of both sides, then mergers and acquisitions will become a breakthrough in the transformation of the industrial structure of the printing industry

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