A brief analysis of polyester Market in Jiaxing an

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A brief analysis of polyester Market in Shengze Jiaxing and Jiaxing in one week (2010.01.04--10)

this week, driven by the strong rise in upstream raw materials, polyester prices rose slightly, and the market turnover increased significantly, especially the POY silk market showed a trend of "rising price". By the 7th, the polyester market was basically stable, the polyester trading atmosphere was relatively mild, and the trend of polyester market varieties was still relatively scattered, The varieties traded in the polyester market are uneven. On the weekend, the situation of overcurrent multiple protection devices in polyester markets in Shengze and Jiaxing was basically in a weak market, with little trading volume on the market. The production and sales rate of polyester products from local manufacturers was low. Although the factory quotation was generally barely stable, the actual transaction price of POY was RMB/t, and the goods were sold at a preferential price

judging from the trend of Shengze and Jiaxing, the POY silk market shows a trend of "rising price and volume". Due to the factory price of POY silk used for texturing, the majority of porous POY sold in the market is used for direct weaving, and the price also rises accordingly. The prices of 50D, 75D and 100D are currently 11100 yuan/t, 11000 yuan/t and 10900 yuan/t respectively. DTY silk price trend also rose. The sales volume of 75d/72f and 75d/36f in DTY winding market increased, and the price also increased by yuan/t; The price of DTY black silk also showed an upward trend. DTY thick winding wire is quite dynamic pin. Among them, the downstream demand of Youguang DTY300D has increased, which is mainly used in the production of Oxford cloth for luggage, and it is the link of downstream product Oxford cloth dynamic pin; Dty100d/144f, 150d/144f output is also OK; FDY silk rose steadily, the purchasing power of FDY fine denier silk market increased slightly, and the price rose slightly this week. Fdy50d/48f continued to sell well, basically in jet weaving demand; The trading volume of fdy68d/48f, the mainstream variety in the market, is acceptable. The current market quotations of 50d/24f and 63d/24f are 13300 yuan/t and 12300 yuan/t respectively, both of which are higher than that of last weekend. Fdy75d/72f, 100D closed oil return valve/72f as the downstream silk fabric has begun to enter the production period. 4. Wire rod change the experimental machine to check whether the blade on the swing rod is on the knife support, and the weaving enterprises have a significant volume of machine production. Therefore, the market has seen both volume and price rise, with transaction prices of 13300 yuan/t and 12100 yuan/t respectively. From the current market situation analysis: Although the market of polyester raw materials PTA, eg and chips has been adjusted, after the early rise of polyester, the breeding of resistance in the downstream is intensifying, and the downstream market is exposed in the off-season, so the enthusiasm for raw material procurement is cautious. Judging from the current polyester fundamentals, it is expected that the polyester market will be more likely to consolidate in the next week. Even if the callback space is limited, if there is good news, once it appears, the polyester market will not rule out the possibility of shock and upward

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