A brief analysis of digital publishing entering a

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A brief analysis of digital publishing entering a new stage

the first digital publishing working conference organized by the General Administration of publishing quickly attracted widespread attention in the industry. Liu Binjie, Secretary of the party leading group and director general of the General Administration of publishing, made a keynote report at the meeting, sun Shoushan, deputy director general, made a concluding speech, and all the principals of the provincial (District, municipal) publishing management departments, major domestic publishing groups, newspaper groups, digital publishing bases and other principals attended the meeting. The large scale and high specification all revealed a profound meaning: as a strategic emerging industry of the publishing industry, Digital publishing is undergoing a new round of major layout

digital publishing has entered a new stage

some critics in the industry believe that since its inception, digital publishing has developed from a single spark to a prairie fire, gestating a signal of great changes in China's publishing industry. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's digital publishing continued to make rapid progress, and the industrial income increased significantly year by year. It was 21.3 billion yuan in 2006, 36.242 billion yuan in 2007, 55.656 billion yuan in 2008, 79.94 billion yuan in 2009 and 105.179 billion yuan in 2010. The total income in 2010 is about five times that of 2006

in just a few years, the output value of China's digital publishing industry has increased by leaps and bounds, achieving a leap forward development, with an average annual growth rate of more than 55%, much higher than the growth rate of other industries. The output value of digital publishing industry has repeatedly reached new highs, showing a sudden rise in publishing, nearly half of the output value, accelerated innovation of digital technology, continuous upgrading of reading terminals, strengthened policy guidance and supervision, and traditional publishing groups (agencies) have set foot in digital publishing and achieved certain results

director Liu Binjie summarized the main characteristics of the development of China's digital publishing industry since the eleventh five year plan as follows: the industrial scale has been expanding, and the development mode has become increasingly clear; The application level of high and new technology is constantly improving, and the product forms are increasingly enriched; The pace of transformation of publishing enterprises is accelerating, and traditional publishing and digital publishing are developing together; The effect of industrial agglomeration continues to strengthen, and the overall development of the region is beginning to show signs; The popularity of digital reading has accelerated, and consumer demand has become increasingly strong; Government support is increasing, and industrial policies are becoming more and more perfect

The rapid development of digital publishing industry has changed the concept and thinking of the whole publishing industry. The delegates at the meeting pointed out that China's digital publishing industry has developed rapidly, showing a strong upward momentum, and has entered a new stage of development, which is specifically reflected in: more and more publishing units and enterprises actively participate in it, the environment for industrial development is improving day by day, the industrial chain is gradually maturing, the industrial form is initially emerging, and the integration with traditional publishing is gradually deepening, regardless of the industrial environment and policy measures, In terms of infrastructure and user scale, the digital publishing industry in all regions is at a good time for rapid development

new path of industrial development planning

in fact, the development of digital publishing is not always smooth

at this meeting, the current problems of digital publishing were analyzed in detail in 2013. Liu Binjie pointed out that for a long time, affected by the traditional cultural system, many state-owned cultural units are insensitive to the use of digital technology and networking technology, lack adaptability and initiative, and are difficult to seize the historical opportunities brought by the in-depth development of informatization to China's cultural industry, use modern communication technology to form new cultural creativity, and combine with developed countries through modern communication technology and market operation The birth of emerging cultural products is mainly used to regulate the size of the experimental space in the debugging process and confirm the direction of control output to compete with the momentum of rapid development of the industry. He analyzed in detail the current problems of digital publishing from the enterprise level, industry level and management level, including that publishing enterprises are not sensitive to the trends and laws of digital publishing development; Digital content resources are scattered, copyright relations are fuzzy, and the degree of intensification is low; A reasonable benefit distribution mechanism in the industrial chain has not yet been formed; Lack of unified technical standards and high-level large-scale content delivery platform; Laws and regulations and regulatory means are relatively lagging behind, and many other factors are still restricting the healthy, rapid and sustainable development of the industry

in view of the bottleneck of industrial development, the management department is forming new ideas. In the theme report of the meeting, Liu Binjie elaborated the new layout of the industry by taking practical actions and strengthening services to provide inexhaustible impetus for the healthy, rapid and sustainable development of the digital publishing industry and provide a solid guarantee for the healthy, rapid and sustainable development of the digital publishing industry. The key points include: accelerating the integration of content resources and constantly launching high-quality digital publishing products; Accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional publishing industry; Accelerate the construction of delivery platforms and establish a new system for digital content dissemination; Focus on key areas and give play to the leading role of major projects; Accelerate the research and development of key technologies and improve the scientific and technological content of the publishing industry; We will fully meet the cultural needs of the people and promote the construction of a digital service system for public culture. Liu Binjie also pointed out that the healthy development of the digital publishing industry is inseparable from a good industrial development environment. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the government will continue to increase support and strengthen management to ensure the healthy, rapid and sustainable development of the digital publishing industry; Accelerate the formulation and implementation of digital publishing industry development policies; Speed up the establishment of access and exit mechanisms for digital publishing enterprises; Accelerate the construction of national digital publishing industry base; Therefore, we should vigorously promote digital publishing to go global; Strive to create a good environment for the development of digital publishing industry; Accelerate the implementation of the digital publishing talent training project

industry health re-entry relationship

China publishing daily noted at the meeting that the six relationships that need to be correctly grasped and properly handled to develop the digital publishing industry proposed at the meeting made the industry realize that there are still many calm scales in the development boom of digital publishing

Liu Binjie pointed out that we should adhere to the correct guidance and correctly handle the relationship between culture and industry. He vividly compares this to the relationship between soul and body, which not only inherits and carries forward excellent culture, but also promotes industrial development. We should adhere to the two benefits, correctly handle the relationship between economic benefits and society, put social benefits in the first place, and strive to achieve the unity of social benefits and economic benefits. We should adhere to innovative development and correctly handle the relationship between traditional industries and emerging formats. Accelerate the deep integration and benign interaction between traditional publishing and digital publishing. We should adhere to overall planning and correctly handle the relationship between industrial layout and structural adjustment. Only the Department of mass production. Adapt to the changing trend of demand structure, optimize the industrial structure, accelerate industrial upgrading, improve the industrial system, accelerate the digital transformation of traditional publishing industry, and vigorously develop the strategic new publishing industry. We should adhere to scientific and technological progress and correctly handle the relationship between independent innovation and introduction and absorption. We should not only pay attention to independent innovation, but also pay attention to introducing new technologies and learning new technologies from around the world. We should adhere to support and guidance, and correctly handle the relationship between promoting prosperity and strengthening management. We will continue to increase support and guidance, explore innovative ideas for digital publishing management, and escort industrial development

the participants commented on the meeting, which clarified the strategic task of developing the digital publishing industry, unified their thinking, clarified their development ideas, and enhanced their confidence. People concerned said that the new layout is setting up a fast track for the rapid development of the digital publishing industry. It can be predicted that with the rapid development of social economy, the continuous progress of science and technology and the deepening of the reform of the publishing industry, the digital publishing industry will usher in a new period of rapid development

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