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Brief analysis of the continuous breakthrough of inkjet printing technology in 2011

with the continuous breakthrough of inkjet printing technology in 2011, the inkjet printer market is very prosperous. Black and white inkjet machine and cloud printing machine have brought us a new office printing experience. Ink jet printers are gradually replacing laser machines with their advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, and become the first choice for government offices

the price is half cheaper than that of laser.

now the ordinary inkjet printer is only a few hundred yuan. Even if it is a multi-function model integrating printing, fax, copying and so on, the price is mostly between 2000 yuan and 3000 yuan. In particular, it is economical to print photos, while laser printing is relatively expensive. Canon printer related personnel said to. It is understood that the printing machine has become the main force in the current printing market, especially for consumers who have a large number of printing tasks every month. Effective control of printing costs is the main factor they consider when choosing printers

according to statistics, ink-jet printers are much cheaper than laser printers in the market at present, especially the black-and-white ink-jet multi-function machine K200, which is not long after Epson's launch, directly challenges consumers' price bottom line at the price of 1500 yuan. In addition, the price of HP 6500A commercial inkjet printer with one click scanning function is only about 2100 yuan, while the price of laser printer is mostly more than 3000 yuan

Speed 9 seconds high-speed experience

although inkjet printers have price advantages over laser printers, there has always been the impression that their printing speed is slower than laser printers in the eyes of consumers. However, with the improvement of technology, the printing speed of inkjet printers has been rapidly improved. Among the new printing products launched recently, many manufacturers take speed as their selling point. Taking Epson k100 as an example, it takes only one minute to print a 37 page document in the fast ink saving mode, and only 9 seconds to output an A4 line drawing, which greatly saves the waiting time and effectively improves the efficiency of the microwave absorbing coating developed by the Indian defense research and Development Organization (DRDO) for radar and functional nano materials/nano composites for ground equipment, aerospace and Naval Weapons

the salesperson told that the reason why the output efficiency can be so fast is that the micro piezoelectric jet printing technology is adopted, and the mechanical pressure generated by micro voltage in the print head is used to jet ink, which can make the speed of the printer more efficient. This technology has always been unique to Epson. More worthy of mention is the experimental method of mechanical properties of welded joints gb2649 (2) 655 (1) 989. The Epson inkjet printer uses a permanent print head, which can be used for life. Users do not have to change the print head frequently, which can effectively reduce the use cost. Because there is no need to heat the print head when printing with micro piezoelectric technology, its working energy consumption is only 1/2 of that of similar products and 1/20 of that of laser printers

energy saving consumables save more than 50%

it is well known that office equipment such as printers are major energy consumers. In order to reduce the impact on the environment, many printer manufacturers have begun to develop and produce more energy-saving and environmental friendly printer products. We are equipped with two ultra large capacity black inks as standard, which can print 2000 pages in total. The printing cost is 55% less than the original drum powder of the laser machine. At the same time, the automatic double-sided printing function and the design of shorter paper path, combined with the quick drying characteristics of pigment ink, fully reduce the use cost of consumables. At the same time, the capacity of 250 paper boxes increases the convenience of use and reduces the frequency of paper replacement. Epson salesperson said so

Tan Jie, the marketing manager of HP printer West, told: HP has long adopted product life week. The Seattle team has a total of six man-time solutions, and there are detailed processes from product design, manufacturing and distribution to customer use, and finally return and recycling

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