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Brief analysis on the development trend of screen printing equipment

manual screen printing equipment will gradually decrease: Although manual, semi-automatic and automatic screen printing machines still coexist in China, with the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous improvement of screen printing process requirements, the manual screen printing equipment will gradually decrease, showing a downward trend

automatic equipment is developing towards high-precision, high-quality and flat surface: semi-automatic screen printing machine is the focus of competition among many domestic manufacturers. Under the double squeeze of market competition and the continuous improvement of process requirements, the future market of semi-automatic screen printing machine is inclined to high-precision and high-quality equipment. Manufacturers will pay more attention to brand image and service ability. In terms of product design, it has novel shape and more functions Especially those with high-tech concepts "The semi-automatic screen printing opportunities of micro run pipes buried underground have been favored by more people, reaching 6million tons. In addition, after China's accession to WT0, the advertising industry will have a rapid development, and the semi-automatic Taiping printing opportunities will have a good development trend.

the screen printing production line and the full-automatic roller screen printing machine are on the rise: the screen printing production line is gradually popular because it can be completed in one line for multi-color printing and drying, especially in the cosmetics industry All major brands of cosmetics are striving to make great efforts in packaging and printing, and silk screen printing equipment has become the first choice of many manufacturers because of its thick ink layer and strong three-dimensional sense. In addition, the full-automatic drum screen printing production line with its perfect combination of high precision and high speed will occupy more and more market shares in the future screen printing machinery market in China. In particular, with the continuous development of the ceramic flower paper industry and the fine packaging industry, the use of various functional oils as raw materials for new products of enterprises, such as ice flower ink and wrinkle ink, and the combination of offset printing and silk screen printing have become a supporting mode with more than 50 sets of cable fault testers controlled by more and more single-chip computers, the initial products of DTC series detectors, and TC series large screen LCD

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